Annoying airport rule could soon be gone

Young woman showing cosmetics permitted in carry-on baggage. Close up of hands.

广东时时彩11选五 EVERYDAY people get caught out not correctly packing items like liquids in their bags, but a new scanner could put an end to this airport hassle.

Revolting find in business class seats

Hong Kong, Hong Kong - September 6, 2017 : Air India Boeing 787 at Hong Kong International Airport. It is the flag carrier airline of India.

TWO planes were grounded after passengers complained about bites all over their bodies on a flight from the United States.

21-year-old flies first class for free

"My family used to joke that at eight years old I could do the safety demo in five different languages," says Alex

ALEX Macheras spends his days jetting around the globe on brand new planes and rating their first class amenities. Yes, that’s an actual job.

Plane vanished without a trace

The missing aircraft snapped at Chicago O’Hare in 1989. Picture: RuthAS/Wikicommons

FIFTEEN years ago, a Boeing 727 disappeared, sparking a frantic search. Just what happened to it remains a mystery to this day.

Flying palace: Inside Putin’s $700m plane

The plane carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin lands at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, on July 16, 2018 prior to a summit between him and the US President. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in the Finnish capital for a historic summit with US leader Donald Trump. / AFP PHOTO / Lehtikuva / Roni Rekomaa / Finland OUT

FROM the outside, it looks like an ordinary aircraft. But new photos have emerged showing just how outrageous Vladimir Putin’s new jet is.

Humiliating flight fail caught on camera

A man struggles with his luggage.

MORE than 10 million people have watched cringe-worthy footage of a passenger attempting to fit his luggage into the overhead locker — because there’s an amusing twist.

‘Plane bae’ slams passengers

A 'love story' as told by Rosey Blair on Twitter. Picture: Rosey Blair, Twitter

THE woman at the centre of an apparent flight romance dubbed “pretty plane girl” has lashed out at her fellow passengers.

Airbus A220-300 takes first flight

Reveal of Airbus newest member

CROWDS have flocked to watch the first A220-300 aircraft take to the skies in a “historic moment”. It comes after Airbus scored a whopping $7 billion deal.

Impossible burger is the real deal

Impossible Burger on the Air NZ flight

IT LOOKS and tastes like a delicious beef burger. Even they way it felt in my mouth made me feel like I was eating the real thing.

‘Plane Bae’ opens up about viral romance

Plane Bae speaks out. Picture: Euan Holden/Instagram

THEIR mid-air love story captivated thousands of people. Now one of the people from the mystery couple has spoken about their budding romance.

Big change coming to how we fly

A Qantas plane is seen at Sydney Airport in Sydney, Friday, June 1, 2018. (AAP Image/Erik Anderson) NO ARCHIVING

STARTING today, a very different type of passport is being used by some Aussies in a “landmark” trial. But not everyone is happy.

The billion-dollar Aussie flight route

The routes with the most revenue.

IT’S a seemingly humble domestic route operated by Qantas. But new research has revealed some surprising facts about this jaunt.

Outrage over new in-flight burger meal

FILE- This Jan 9, 2018 photo shows the Impossible Burger at Stella's, in Bellevue, Neb., which is a burger is made from plant protein. What gets to be considered �meat� is a particularly touchy subject as startups push to alter American eating habits with substitutes they say are just like the real thing. Impossible Burger�s plant-based patty �bleeds� like beef. (Ryan Soderlin/The World-Herald via AP, File)

AIRLINE food is often criticised as bland, so you’d think a burger would be a welcome addition to the menu. Not this burger.

Common passport error ends trip

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - Lewis Mundy and Kimberley Floyd missed their first holiday together after losing their passports on the plane. Picture: SWNS/Mega

AS SOON as the couple landed they realised their mistake but it was already too late. Within 30 minutes they were headed straight back home.

Exciting update in mid-air love story

Couple's airplane love story goes viral. Picture: Roseybeeme/Twitter

A WOMAN’S simple seating request on her flight home may have led to the creation of one of the world’s greatest modern day love stories.

Flight radar image stuns

Insane photo from Flightradar24 shows busiest day of air travel ever. Picture: FlightRadar24

THIS fascinating image has become a social media sensation, showing more than 202,000 planes flying all around the planet in a single day.

New look for world’s weirdest plane

The new paint job has impressed people. Picture: Airbus

IT’S earned a reputation as the strangest plane on Earth. Now, Airbus has released a photo showing its new paint job and it has many cheering.

‘The worst airline seat I’ve ever seen’

Can you believe a passenger was assigned this seat? Picture: Elliott.Org

WHEN Matt Madrigal boarded his flight and made his way to his assigned seat, the passenger was left stunned by the “monstrosity” that greeted him.

Genius $4 tip for improving in-flight meal

food on board

A CHEF has revealed the cheap trick he uses to make airline food taste much better than it is.

Huge change coming to carry-on

Security check at melbourne airport. Picture: Nicole Garmston

A FOILED plot to blow up a plane over Sydney has led to new baggage restrictions that apply to flights out of Australia.

Can you spot what’s funny in this photo?

Funny airport photos from around the world. Picture: Supplied

AIRPORTS can be weird places — and if you’re paying attention, you’ll find there is plenty to laugh at.

Dish first class passengers always order

The squid is one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

ABOVE the crowds waiting around in the airport’s food court, a luxury domain plays host to celebs and rich travellers. Here’s what it’s really like inside.

Airline to ban booze and skimpy clothes

Inflight cabin

AN AMBITIOUS UK entrepreneur has burnt through thousands of dollars trying to get his controversial idea off the ground.

Radio star’s horror in-flight encounter

Wippa hates flying so much he threw up on a passenger.

AFTER MICHAEL ‘Wippa’ Wipfli’s fear of flying ended in an embarrassing incident, he knew he had to take action.

Sneaky luggage trick you need to know

Sneaky luggage trick you need to know.

IT’S one of passengers’ top peeves when it comes to flying, but it turns out there’s a sneaky way to get around it that few people try.

Australia’s most unreliable airports

LED Display - Airport flight status board

SOMETIMES flight delays are unavoidable, but there are some Aussie airports in particular that you should avoid if you want to depart on time.

Big problem with yoghurt on a plane

A Qantas plane is seen at Sydney Airport in Sydney, Friday, June 1, 2018. (AAP Image/Erik Anderson) NO ARCHIVING

AIRLINE meals can be questionable when it comes to taste and appeal, but there is one thing that people never eat and it is causing a big problem.

Emirates flags massive change to economy

Economy Class dining on Emirates

YOU might soon have to pay separately for your food and luggage when flying cattle class with Emirates, the airline’s boss has revealed.

This is either brilliant or a disaster

Given the state of men's bathrooms on land, we're not totally convinced the concept of mile-high urinals will pan out. Picture: Zodiac Aerospace

A DESIGN company has come up with a bold idea to cut waiting times for the cabin lavatory. There seems to be a pretty big flaw.

$20 could make your long flight bearable

Virgin Australia has introduced in-flight Wi-Fi to international flights. Picture: Virgin Australia

VIRGIN Australia passengers on the long flight between Australia and LA now have an extra way to stave off boredom.

TV host refuses to upgrade kids on flights

KIRSTIE ALLSOPP in lounge pre party Picture: Supplied

TV host Kirstie Allsopp earns a fortune each but that doesn’t mean her kids get to live it up when travelling.

Man flies for 17 hours without using toilet

A passenger on Qantas' Perth to London route managed to travel the whole way without using the bathroom. Picture: Qantas

QANTAS has been left baffled by the odd behaviour of a business class passenger on its marathon Perth-London route.

Qantas jet’s insane 1900-hour upgrade

Qantas A330 gets hooked up to Wi-Fi. Picture: Qantas

BEHIND-the-scenes footage shows Qantas engineers modifying an Airbus A330 as the carrier expands free Wi-Fi across its domestic fleet.

Gross reason to avoid a cuppa on the plane

Frankfurt: A male flight attendant is serving coffee to a passenger in the economy class of a Lufthansa flight.

A REFRESHING cup of tea or coffee on a flight, what could be better? Except a steward has revealed a very worrying reason you should refrain.

How Sam survives flying long haul


THE Sunrise presenter has just come back from that small wedding in the UK. What’s her indulgence when flying 23 hours both ways?

Qantas, Air NZ in new partnership

Quantas and Sydney Airport

TRAVELLING in New Zealand should be even easier for Aussies after Qantas announced a groundbreaking deal with old rival Air New Zealand.

Three letters to avoid on your plane ticket

Don't fall for misleading airports in Europe, such as Brussels-Cha

ARE you heading to Europe this year? When you’re booking flights, avoid making this common mistake.

Dodgy airport stopovers warning

Rosie and her friend made it to Corfu but missed a whole day of their holiday.

A WOMAN says she was left stranded in a foreign city with her holiday plans in tatters, after she was sold a flight with a really dodgy stopover.

Airline scraps economy seats

New and improved Premium Economy seats on the Singapore Airline A380. Source: Singapore Airlines

A MARATHON flight of nearly 19 hours is launching in October — and there’s something familiar you won’t see on board.

Major change coming to passports

Australian Passports

BAD news if you wear prescription glasses — you’ll be affected by a new passport rule that comes into effect on July 1.

Qantas’ surprising question to passengers

Quantas and Sydney Airport

THE airline has sparked suggestions major changes are on the way with a simple question to passengers.

Hosties scolded in email from boss

Passengers inside the cabin of a commercial airliner during flight. Shallow depth of field with focus on the seats in the foreground.

IN AN email their boss wasn’t meant to send, United Airlines flight attendants have been given a dressing down for their sloppy appearance.

Pilot’s comeback to sexist passengers

A female pilot has called out sexist comments from male passengers in a tweet that's gone viral. Picture: charlottethepilot

TWO male passengers dared to make jokes about this accomplished pilot. Now her withering clapback is going viral.

Sneaky airline fee with a surprise twist

Some airlines charge passengers extra to sit near each other, including families.

THERE’S a new way airlines are slugging passengers when booking flights. On top of making people angry, it could also be extremely unsafe.

Big problem with Qantas route

ALICE SPRINGS, 2 MARCH 2018 – Qantas’ newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which features a unique Indigenous livery, touched down in Alice Springs today. Picture: James Morgan/Qantas

THERE was great excitement over Qantas’s direct flights to the UK. But now the airline is accused of trying to silence a big issue.

Big problem with cool new airline seat?

The new airline seat design. Picture: Neutral Digital, 2018

THERE’S an incredible trick to this new airline seat that could solve the problems of cramped leg room and reclining. But is there something they’ve overlooked?

Flying secrets no one talks about

FILE - In this March 31, 2014 file photo, the shadow of a Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion is seen on low level cloud while the aircraft searches for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean, near the coast of Western Australia. In an update released late Monday, April 30, 2018, Ocean Infinity, the American technology company conducting the search, said it had scanned up to 1,300 square kilometers per day since launching its mission in late January. The new scan of ocean floor hasn�t found any sign of MH370. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith, File)

FROM the lies your airline is telling you, to what’s really keeping your plane together, this is the truth about flying very few passengers know.

‘Poor taste’: Pilot pranks passengers

This pilot was spotted walking through a busy airport with a walking aid. Picture: Whitlow14

WHEN this pilot strutted through the airport with a huge grin on his face, all that stunned passengers could do was pray he wouldn’t be on their flight.

Kicked out of first class for sneaky act

Kristen Wiig in a scene from film Bridesmaids.

A PASSENGER may have thought they were being a good mate, but their shady actions got them booted from the plane.

Simple reason flights are getting slower

Flight times are actually getting longer.

WITH all the advancements in technology, you might think flight times between destinations would get shorter. It’s actually the opposite that’s true.

Airline menu change sparks outrage

Drinks on a flight. Tomato juice and water glass on a table in an airplane.

THIS airline made a simple change to its in-flight beverage offering and instantly regretted it.

Most obnoxious thing to do on a flight

OF ALL the gross behaviour of passengers on flights, this low act is what people despise the most.

Hosties’ trick to closing overhead bins

Carry on luggage in an overhead storage compartment on commercial plane. Picture: iStock

STRUGGLING to close that overloaded baggage compartment on the plane? Here’s the little-known trick flight attendants use.

Qantas flyers furious after points debacle

Qantas pasengers are not happy. Picture: Yishai Bock

QANTAS has been flooded with complaints on Facebook from passengers who are “disgusted” at one big problem.

‘End of an era’: Queen of the Sky to vanish

Built in 1991, this 747 flew for Qantas it's whole career as VH-OJJ. Picture: Alan Wilson

IT WAS once one of the most popular passenger planes in the world, but now it’s about to disappear from our skies forever.

Yes, earthquakes can affect planes

Aircraft inside

DID you think the safest place away from an earthquake was a plane flying 10km feet above the ground? You’re wrong, a pilot explains.

$5 Kmart hack for flying with kids

Little boy sitting in his seat during a flight and painting on a tablet computer in an airplane

WE’LL consider anything to keep children quiet and happy on flights. And if it costs a few bucks from Kmart, even better.

Pilot reveals secrets from the plane

Thomas Cook pilot Vicky McCarthy has spilled from the flight deck.

PILOT Vicky McCarthy has revealed little-known information about what goes on behind the scenes on a flight — including what autopilot actually does.

Worse than 17 hours from Perth to London

Brenden Abbott Extradition

IF YOU cringed at the thought of Qantas’ non-stop flight to the UK, you’re really going to shudder at this record-breaking new route.

Warning over outrageous Qantas fee

A Qantas ticket. Picture: Orin Zebest

IT’S the one thing about flying that still has many scratching their heads. And now, Qantas has come under fire for this sky-high charge.

Airlines that have disappeared

Virgin America is no more. Picture: Virgin America

ONE of the world’s favourite airlines took to the skies for the last time this week. However, it’s far from the only carrier to vanish.

Airline has ‘vanished overnight’

Virgin America is no more. Picture: Virgin America

ONE of the world’s beloved airlines has taken its final flight. All signs of it are disappearing from 29 airports, with flyers devastated.

Plane so big it needs two cockpits to fly

The Statolaunch. Picture: Statolaunch

WITH six jet engines and a wingspan longer than a football field, the largest aeroplane ever built is set to take to the skies in months.

Airport’s ‘unfortunate’ $650 fee

Man Puts Digital Tablet Into Tray For Airport Security Check

HAVE you ever walked off the plane with a freebie the airline gave you? This woman did — and it landed her in big trouble.

Flights cancelled in and out of Melbourne

A Virgin Australia plane is seen at Sydney Airport, Wednesday February 28, 2018. Virgin Australia's board has decided against delisting the airline from the ASX following discussions with major shareholders. (AAP Image/Peter Rae) NO ARCHIVING

SOME flights to and from Melbourne Airport have been cancelled today due to poor visibility, with customers urged to check the status of their flights.

The truth about oxygen masks

Flight Attendant And Oxygen Mask

IT TURNS out that the oxygen masks in planes aren’t actually filled with oxygen at all.

Economy couple score first class meal

Meal served in luxury first class on Emirates airline aeroplane. plane travel cuisine

A PASSENGER has revealed how he and his wife managed to enjoy first-class dining in their economy seats — without paying an extra cent.

Safest seat to take on a plane

Aircraft interior

IN CASE the Southwest Airlines tragedy has made you a more paranoid flier, an expert has revealed the best seat to select to stay safe.

Hostie on what to wear for an upgrade

What should you wear if you want to try to get an upgrade?

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how to get a coveted first class upgrade when you arrive at the airport — it’s all about what you’re wearing.

Brutal future of economy class

Skyrider new Basic Economy seating. Picture: Aviointeriors

PASSENGERS, brace yourselves. This image shows what one company wants to do to economy class on flights, and it ain’t pretty.

Secrets hidden in your flight number

Travis Kirchner extradited back to Adelaide

FROM the direction your plane is travelling in, to how important the route is, these are the little messages hidden in those letters and numbers.

The plane location kept a secret

The 'least risk bomb location' has been revealed.

SHOULD the worst case happen during a flight, cabin crew have a plan and it all involves using this location towards the back of the aircraft.

Weird things people leave at airports

Man Puts Digital Tablet Into Tray For Airport Security Check

BODY parts are among the more baffling items left behind by passengers in airports across Australia — more frequently than you’d think.

Sorry Dubai, you’ve been dumped

Aerial view of Singapore shipping port with Central Business District, Singapore

FAREWELL Dubai, Qantas has hopped out of the glitzy Middle Eastern hub and has gone running back to this airport. Look familiar?

Woman’s name gets her kicked off flight

THERE are many potential reasons to turn a passenger away from their flight. Ashley Collins could not believe the excuse that was given to her.

Is there a problem with this plan?

The new sleeping berths to be offered by Airbus. Picture: Airbus

AT FIRST glance this image, showing a new sleeping area for passengers on planes, looks like amazing news. But there’s one question on our lips.

New cheap airline you’ll be flying to Bali

Malindo Air already flies out of Perth and Brisbane and will soon launch services from Melbourne.

YOU may never had heard of it, but this airline with rock-bottom fares is about to make a big splash in Australia.

Airport you don’t want to end up at

Atlanta, USA - December 29, 2014: People waiting for flight check-in, Atlanta airport

YOU may not be able to locate it on a map, but this airport has taken out the title of the busiest on Earth, beating major hubs like Beijing and Dubai.

Adorable note that got kid an upgrade

Jasper Francis wrote an adorable note to Jetstar asking about an upgrade.

MANY of us have hoped to get bumped up to business class but few of us have been as successful as the young author of this touching letter.

Surprising winner of world’s best airline

A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.

THIS airline used to be famous for being the Queen of the Skies before dropping off the radar. Now, it’s undergone huge changes and is wowing flyers.

Air France cancels flights amid strike

(FILES) This file photo taken on September 24, 2014 shows an Airbus A318-111 with the Air France livery parked on the tarmac of Paris' Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in Roissy during an Air France pilots strike. Air France unions called for a new round of strikes starting on April 7, 2018, followed by more strikes later in the month after the airline's management refused their demands saying that the unions' demands for a six percent wage increase could jeopardise its growth plans. / AFP PHOTO / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN

THOUSANDS of passengers are being urged to check their flights as Air France said hundreds of its flights are cancelled as pilots, cabin crew and ground staff walk off the job.

The world’s 10 longest flights

Flight routes. Picture: Great Circle Mapper

IF YOU thought you’d been suffering in economy, spare a thought for passengers on one of these super long-haul flights.

How to stop flight nerves in 60 seconds

SONY A7, lens 24-70 Zeiss at Heathrow London.

GETTING on a plane can be a tough time for some travellers. But there are some easy fixes to help calm you down.

NASA to build $319m supersonic ‘X-plane’

This undated NASA image obtained April 3, 2018 shows an illustration of NASA’s planned Low Boom Flight Demonstration aircraft, otherwise known as an X-plane. NASA has inked a deal with Lockheed Martin to develop a supersonic "X-plane" that could break the sound barrier without a sonic boom, officials said April 3, 2018. The $247.5 million contract allows for the design, building and testing of a plane that would make its first test flight in 2021, NASA said.The experimental plane "will cruise at 55,000 feet (16,764 meters) at a speed of about 940 mph (1,513 kph) and create a sound about as loud as a car door closing, 75 Perceived Level decibel (PLdB), instead of a sonic boom," the US space agency said in a statement. / AFP PHOTO / NASA / Handout / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO /NASA/HANDOUT" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

NASA has made a $319 million deal to develop a supersonic plane for commercial flights that will cruise at 1513km/h.

Things that get you kicked off a flight

Flight attendants serving drinks.

SURE, there are the obvious ones like being rude to the crew or getting drunk. But there’s also one huge and lesser known reason you could get booted.

Airlines battle across the Tasman

Framed in the window, Emirates A380 in Dubai

BIG changes are coming across the Tasman, a route which sees seven million passenger journeys and nearly 50,000 flights a year.

Qantas points hack you never thought of

Qantas has received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane, the cutting-edge aircraft it will use next year to start flying the world's first non-stop route between Australia and London. The aircraft, dubbed "Great Southern Land" after a competition was held to name the carrier's 787s, represents the first new plane model to be delivered to the airline since it first received its first Airbus A380 superjumbo in 2008. Picture Supplied by Qantas.

THERE’S something you’re doing everyday that could be earning you frequent flyer points and it won’t cost you a cent. Here’s what you’ve been missing out on.

Pilot reveals where you should sit

Jonny Knowlson has your tips for a more comfortable flight

IF you want to avoid things like turbulence, leg cramps or are just keen for some shut eye, pay close attention.

Dangers of swapping seats

Passengers in a plane seen from behind, above seats

THERE’S a row of empty seats right there so why can’t you swap? There is a good reason.

Worse than flying 17hrs economy ‘hell’

Kerri and her baby had to endure a 15 hour flight alone

JACOB Lewis travelled 17 hours in economy this week. He did not enjoy it very much. Well, Jacob, let me tell you about my flight from hell.

Qantas to put us in the cargo hold?

ESCAPE: ALICE SPRINGS, 2 MARCH 2018 – Qantas’ newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which features a unique Indigenous livery, touched down in Alice Springs today. Picture: Qantas Yam Deaming by Emily Kame Kngwarreye

QANTAS has just kicked off 17-hour direct flights to the UK, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Flying looks set to become rather, well, interesting.

Reality of budget business class

AirAsia X is enjoying strong growth on its Australian routes

YOU can score a business class seat on a budget airline for not much more than the cost of one in full-service economy. This is what you get.

Why I always board the plane last

Serene young man watching plane before departure

HE MAKES a living out of travelling, so he knows all the shortcuts to deal with long flights. This is one piece of advice he refuses to follow.

Qantas flight ‘hell’ in economy

British reporter

SURE, 17 non-stop hours between Perth and London is fabulous in business class. But for the rest of us? Far from it.

What it’s like to fly nonstop to the UK

The Qantas Dreamliner QF9 leaving Perth, making it's first ever direct flight to London.

AT 17 hours, the new direct service to London is the longest single flight you can take from Australia. Here’s what it’s like to fly that route.

The foods airlines will never serve you

food on board

YOU think in-flight meals are bad? Be grateful these items didn’t wind up on your tray table.

Australia’s best and worst airport revealed

Generic file photo of Adelaide Airport 09/01/17 Picture: Stephen Laffer

The latest rankings of the world’s top airports are out, and there’s a new Aussie number one, but one airport has hit a new low.

Around the world in business class for $3k

Use your points to fly. Picture: Upgraded Points

THIS couple has mastered the art of luxury, round-the-world trips for a fraction of the cost. Here’s what they’ve learnt.

Fat people banned from business class

Overweight man in an airplane

IT’S not just the weight of your luggage you’ll need to worry about if you’re flying with this airline in or out of Thailand.

First non-stop flight to the UK takes off


IT’S been called a “game changer” for Aussie travellers. The first-ever non-stop flight between Australia and the UK is finally taking to the skies.

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