重装时时彩开奖直播:Usain Bolt’s move to the A-League under fire

FOOTBALL commentators, including Fox Sports identity Simon Hill, have warned the A-League’s play for Usain Bolt will turn the league into a “joke”.

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Does Usain Bolt have what it takes?1:34

Football: Usain Bolt will take a 6-week trial with the Central Coast Mariners with the chance to earn a 1-year contract. Does he have to skills to become a professional footballer?

Usain Bolt press conference at Optus on the beach at Kurrawa. Pics Adam HeadSource:News Corp Australia

FOOTBALL commentators have been cracking jokes about the A-League’s confirmed play to lure sprint king Usain Bolt to play football Australia.

Bolt’s agent in Australia Tony Rallis says an “in-principle” deal has been reached to bring the eight-time Olympic gold medallist to the Central Coast Mariners for a six-week trial.

However, both parties reportedly also envision the trial will turn into a season-long contract for Bolt to make his professional football debut in the A-League.

The issue clouding Bolt’s potential A-League deal is that it reportedly hinges on Football Federation Australia agreeing to kick-in an additional $900,000 from its marquee player fund to top-up Bolt’s salary at the Mariners.

Rallis is currently in the UK and has been dealing directly with Bolt’s representative Ricky Simms, who he says is fully supportive of the idea.

Bolt, 31, retired from sprinting last year but has long harboured ambitions of a career in football.

“We’ve got a club that’s willing to allow him to trial and offer him the contract,” Rallis told AAP.

Usain Bolt’s character will become a hack on FIFA.

Usain Bolt’s character will become a hack on FIFA.Source:AFP

“We’ve got an athlete that’s prepared to meet the trial criteria and benchmarks.

“We just need some funding from the FFA to top it up.”

The FFA has declined to comment, but it’s understood the governing body will not put funds towards a trial under any circumstances.

However, Rallis said that was not what he was after.

“We’re not asking them to fund a trial. If it materialises into a contract, that’s when we need some funding,” he said.

“We’re going through the proper channels, we’re just waiting for a reply.”

FFA has a pot of $3 million, provided by Fox Sports, to spend on marquee players for the upcoming season.

FFA is believed to be deep in talks with former Japanese international Keisuke Honda, who is interested in joining Melbourne Victory and would command the majority of the fund if he reaches an agreement with the A-League champions. Conceivably, the rest could be allocated to Bolt in the event of a successful trial in Gosford.

Usain Bolt might have a better shot in goals.

Usain Bolt might have a better shot in goals.Source:News Corp Australia

While many football commentators openly made jokes about the bizarre situation, Fox Sports caller Simon Hill wasn’t laughing on Tuesday when he told SEN Breakfast the play for Bolt would have a long-term detrimental affect on the A-League’s reputation.

He said he is supportive of the notion of giving Bolt exposure to training with a professional Australian club on the Central Coast, but launched a public plea for the club and the FFA to re-think the concept of Bolt playing for a season in the A-League.

“If it’s a marketing stunt then great, it’s got people talking about the A-League, I don’t mind that,” Hill told SEN Breakfast.

“If they’re being serious, no. Please. The guy, as brilliant an athlete as he was and is, he isn’t a professional footballer.

“He might be quite handy, I don’t know, but for me, if we are going to go down that road, we are reducing the A-League to a sideshow, a circus freak show, a gimmick.

“We don’t need it. The league is a serious competition.

“If we are going to bring in big stars, then let’s get proper marquee players, for which you have to pay.”

Many others found the whole situation a joke.

The Mariners, who finished bottom of the table last season, earlier confirmed they were “committed to discussions” with Bolt and his management team.

“It is crucial to note that all discussions between the Central Coast Mariners and Bolt require an initial six-week-trial period and no contract is guaranteed,” a club statement read.

Bolt played in a charity match for Unicef last month in London, captaining a “Soccer Aid World XI” team that featured Robbie Williams, Kevin Pietersen and Yaya Toure.

The team was co-coached by Eric Cantona and Harry Redknapp, who previously served as an ‘advisor’ to the Mariners in 2016.

Bolt reportedly had a goal chalked off for offside and hit the crossbar but scored in a penalty shootout, having warmed up for the match with a 20-minute spell for Norweigian side Stromsgodset in a friendly against Norway’s under-19s.

He has previously trained with clubs including Germany’s Borussia Dortmund and South Africa’s Mamelodi Sundowns and also played a practice match with Melbourne Heart’s youth team during a 2012 visit to Australia.

— with AAP

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