Aussies wake to historic snowfall


广东时时彩11选五 A white Easter? Dozens are hiking up to Bluff Knoll this long weekend to catch a glimpse of the extremely rare April snowfall.

Tourism gets its mojo back

Snorkelling at stunning Turquoise Bay, near Exmouth.

New figures show the number of people who travelled to WA from other States last year jumped 17.8 per cent.

Andrew Mallard killed in hit-and-run

25/05/2009 LIBRARY: 07/05/2009: Andrew Mallard speaks to media in front of parliament house about his compensation for his 12 year wrongful imprisonment for murder.

A WA man who spent 12 years in jail for a murder he did not commit has tragically died in a hit-and-run in Los Angeles at the age of 56.

Man wrongfully jailed in WA killed in US

Andrew Mallard, who spent 12 years in jail in WA for a murder he didn't commit, has been killed in an apparent hit and run in Los Angeles.

Warnings still in place across Perth, SW

Storm clouds over the city.

The worst of the rain has passed through WA’s south-western corner, but a severe weather warning remains in place with rain and heavy winds likely to continue through the day.

Measles alert issued for WA

The WA health department has issued a measles alert after someone who travelled to Perth from Thailand was confirmed to have the contagious illness.

Arsonists crash ute into Perth cafe

Arsonists crashed a car into a Perth cafe then set the building's interior alight, with the fire spreading to an adjoining business.

Early Easter treats for Perth Zoo's cutest

Perth Zoo's troop of lemurs and mob of meerkats have been given an early Easter treat that will encourage their foraging instinct.

Road toll up ahead of long weekend

Take care on the roads this Easter long weekend.

The Easter long weekend is historically a dangerous one for accidents, and drivers are urged to drive safely with road fatalities recorded so far up from last year.

Meet ‘Dardy Sing’ the Melville tractor

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey with Dardy Sing the tractor.

The City of Melville have found out the hard way what happens when you open a naming competition on the internet after asking the public what to call their new tractors.

Man’s homemade toy forces school lockdown

The gun was fired on Slee St, Kelmsworth. Picture: Google Maps

A man will front court today for firing off his homemade creation, which sounded so much like a gun it triggered a school lockdown.

Why you should stay indoors tomorrow

Perth is set to shiver through its coldest April day in nearly 15 years.

Perth is set to cop a battering with storms and hail forecast on a very chilly day.

Fight for justice for man shot by police

Oanh Tong talks about the shooting of her brother Ty Tong.

The family of a Beechboro man shot dead by police while he was unarmed are pursuing legal action against WA Police.

Couple saved by ingenious rescue idea

The couple were able to be spotted by a rescue plane because they lit spot fires and scrawled messages in the mud.

A young couple who became stranded in a national park were rescued after they came up with a brilliant plan to save themselves.

Street artists to take over Freo

The Fremantle International Street Arts Festival is celebrating its 21st birthday this year with 28 international performers from 10 different countries.

Fans froth over Endgame reveal

The secret role Perth actress Katherine Langford scored in Avengers: Endgame will be revealed when the movie is released next week.

Charge laid over fatal crash in Perth

A truck driver has been charged over a crash on a Perth highway that killed a 55-year-old woman.

Search resumes for missing WA grandma

The search for missing Perth grandmother Mary Ann Nix has resumed, with police, mounted officers and SES volunteers involved.

WA trio charged over kangaroo attack

Three WA people have been charged with animal cruelty for their role in an alleged attack on a kangaroo that was repeatedly hit with an axe handle.

Driver killed in Forrestdale crash

One person has been critically in a crash involving a car and a truck in Forrestdale.

A driver has died after being hit by a truck on Tonkin Highway this afternoon.

Crackdown after ‘disturbing’ brawl

Sixteen police cars responded to the commotion. Picture: Teagan Swallow

Police have vowed to charge up to one hundred people involved in a massive street fight that required dozens of officers to stop.

Search continues for missing WA grandma

The search for missing Perth grandmother Mary Nix has entered its 14th day, with police and 30 SES volunteers involved.

Horror night on WA roads

It's been a dangerous Sunday on WA roads with one driver dead and three others taken to hospital.

Glory secures Premiers Plate

Perth Glory’s 15-year silverware drought is over after Tony Popovic’s men secured the A-League’s Premiers Plate with a 1-0 win over Newcastle.

Lack of sleep ‘same as drink driving’

The importance of a good night’s rest has been laid out following a Federal inquiry into sleep health awareness, with one WA professor saying the dangers of sleepiness can no longer be ignored.

Search continues for missing Perth grandma

Day 13 of the wide-scale search for missing Perth grandmother Mary Nix is continuing with police, SES volunteers, mounted personnel and tracker dogs involved.

Why we should freeze cost of living

Christian Porter says WA’s multibillion-dollar GST windfall means there no reason to hike up power, water and other government charges from July 1.

Eddie all class during Derby call

Eddie McGuire showed off his showed his trademark flair and charisma to give WA football supporters the coverage they so rightfully deserve.

WA child dies after quad-bike crash

A seven-year-old is dead after a quad-bike crashed on a farm in regional Western Australia.

Vegans are ‘heroes’ not ‘criminals’

As police crackdown on vegan activists, laying a string of charges, their friends have rushed to their defence claiming the group are acting out of compassion.

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