Lunch orders stopped after health scare

St John Ambulance took a young girl from a western suburbs primary school to hospital after she experienced a severe allergic reaction.

广东时时彩11选五 A young girl from a western suburbs primary school has been taken to hospital after she experienced a severe allergic reaction.

Aged care respite lacking in remote WA

Unable to access respite services for her dementia-sufferer sister, a Kimberley woman had no choice but to take her on a 1000km drive to a desert funeral.

Perth man set woman, house on fire: police

A Perth man who allegedly set fire to a woman, then her house, will face a bedside hearing in hospital where he is being treated for hand burns.

Child, 8, confronted in WA crime spree

A man has been injured and a child confronted by a knife-wielding man during an alleged crime spree northeast of Perth.

Woman hit by car in Padbury

Police at the scene of the crash in Padbury on Saturday night.

A woman is in hospital after she was struck by a car while crossing the road in Perth's northern suburbs on Saturday night.

Man charged over death in fiery WA crash

A driver who crashed into bushland east of Perth on Wednesday has been charged over the death of one of his passengers.

One man dead, one injured in WA crash

A man has died and another is in hospital after a four-wheel drive and a road train collided east of Geraldton in Western Australia.

Teacher injured in Orelia school fight

Violence erupted at Gilmore College on Wednesday.

A teacher in Perth’s south has been bashed as he tried to barricade students inside a classroom during a violent brawl this week.

300,000 WA workers get pay rise

But one welfare group says the increase will do little to address overall wage stagnation or improve consumer confidence.

The WA Industrial Relations Commission noted an uptick in the resources sector but said it was yet to flow through to the rest of the economy.

Ridiculous fake $50 fools cabbie

Picture: Twitter/@GeraldtonPol Follow Follow @GeraldtonPol More Please be

These counterfeit notes are so dodgy police say “a child could probably tell the difference”. But at least one WA taxi driver couldn’t.

‘Student was not hung from tree’

The principal of a primary school at the centre of a high profile bullying case has told parents former student Amber Yoon was not hung from a tree.

The mother of a 10-year-old girl allegedly hung from a tree with a skipping rope is standing by her story after a letter to parents said the alleged incident “did not occur”.

WA gets its first female Liberal leader


Liza Harvey made WA political history as the first woman to become deputy Liberal leader, and now she's done it again as the party's first female leader.

Body of Indian sailor found in WA waters

The body of an Indian sailor who fell off a bulk ore carrier anchored off Port Hedland in Western Australia has been found.

Charges over WA army base work injuries

Three companies have been charged after two workers were seriously injured in separate incidents while working on the redevelopment of Perth's SAS base.

Harvey proud as first female WA Lib leader

Liza Harvey has been elected unopposed as leader of the Liberal party in Western Australia and Bill Marmion has been chosen as her deputy.

Dad jailed for killing baby girl

Isabella Martin was killed. Picture: Facebook

A father who “just snapped” at his crying baby has been jailed for more than a decade for slamming her infant body to the floor.

Drugs seized during Perth prison visit

A woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to take drugs into a prison in Perth.

‘Racist’: Murderer explodes at jury

Marija Karovska died after a car thief ran over her. Picture: Facebook

A car thief has ripped off his shirt and lashed out at a jury moments after they found him guilty of murdering a woman in her driveway.

Mike Nahan quits as WA opposition leader

Mike Nahan

Mike Nahan has quit as West Australian opposition leader, amid speculation he struck a deal to hand over the reins to his deputy Liza Harvey.

WA One Nation state MP quits party

Charles Smith

A One Nation MP in Western Australia has told state parliament he is quitting the party and will instead sit as an independent.

WA police union flatly rejects pay offer

The West Australian Police Union has flatly rejected the pay rise offered by the state government, describing it as "not worth the paper it is printed on".

'Sleazy' WA doctor guilty of sex assault


A West Australian doctor has been convicted of sexual penetration without consent, with a jury finding he inserted his hand into a patient's underwear.

Bunbury doctor guilty of sex attack

Priyantha Dayananda has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a patient at a Bunbury hospital.

Priyantha Dayananda is facing the prospect of a long stint behind bars after a jury convicted him of sexually assaulting a vulnerable patient in a hospital’s emergency department.

Toy gun prompts school lockdown

Students were confined to classrooms for at least half an hour while police investigated.

A student carrying a toy gun forced a southern suburbs high school into lockdown yesterday with students confined to classes as police investigated.

WA government to consider payroll tax cut

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan says his government will consider slashing payroll tax for small business owners.

Photo costing Aussie city $400,000

News 300607 Boat shed on Stirling Highway Crawley getting on the border of flooding with the high tide . Individual photos. Pictures Theo Fakos

This has become the most photographed building in Perth but visiting tourists have created a very expensive problem for locals.

Killer hurls abuse at ‘racist’ jury

Micheal Spratt has today been convicted of the murder of Marija Karovska (pictured).

The man who killed a mother of two by driving over her during a failed attempt to steal a car ripped his shirt off and accused a jury of being racist after he was today convicted of murder.

Engineer examines collapsed Perth bridge

A collapsed footbridge in Perth is being examined as engineers try to rule out the possibility that other structures might be a threat too.

WA policeman charged over computer use

A senior West Australian policeman has been charged and stood down from duty after he allegedly unlawfully used a computer eight times.

Fatal crash in Bridgetown

File photo.

One man is dead and a boy is seriously injured after a head-on collision in the State's South West on Monday

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