SA’s f-f-freezing start to the day

Making ice cubes in the freezing weather at Balhannah. Photo: Sophie Pointer.

广东时时彩11选五 A small SA town has woken to the 13th-coldest temperature ever recorded in the state as other towns and suburbs shivered through sub-zero temperatures this morning.

Dolphins have a whale of a time at Port Elliot

Humpback whale, Port Eliot. Drone video Davide Gaglio

An Adelaide filmmaker has described the amazing moment he spotted a pod of dolphins cavorting with a humpback whale on the Fleurieu Peninsula. See the incredible video.

Sophia’s family: She was the centre of our universe

Fatal car v pedestrian accident on Morphett Rd, Glengowrie. Victim Sophia Naismith. The 15 yr old was killed when a Lamborghini lost control and hit her and a friend later coming to a stop in the House Of Tien restaurant. PHOTO SUPPLIED BY THE FAMILY

“Nothing prepares you for times like this.” Sophia Naismith’s family has released an emotional tribute to their beloved daughter and sister after she was tragically killed in an instant by an out-of-control Lamborghini. Read the statement here.

Car slams into block of units

Car Into House

An Adelaide resident narrowly avoided being seriously injured — or worse — after a car slammed into their unit on Monday afternoon.

‘One of our saddest days’: School mourns teen tragedy

Friends embrace at the scene where Sophia Naismith was killed.

Friends said she was “the nicest girl ever”. Her school called her “a gifted athlete and brilliant academically”. Sophia Naismith brought positive energy to everything she did — until she was killed in an instant by an out-of-control Lamborghini.

Foothills house fire causes $600k damage

A fire has destroyed a home and two cars in Adelaide's east overnight, causing approximately $600,000 damage.

An emergency message from SA Health

SA Health's new campaign to stop people heading to emergency without needing to.

This is the new campaign to make you ask yourself — do I really need to go to emergency?

Two charged, three dead as police plead for sanity

Supplied Editorial Fwd: 7 news screenshots

Three people died on SA’s roads in four hours at the weekend, including 15-year-old Sophia Naismith and a motorbike rider in the South-East. With two people charged, police are begging for drivers to slow down.

Help Dave get his gear back — no questions asked

Supplied Editorial Archer

SA Olympian Dave Barnes is two weeks away from a trial event in Tokyo — but his specialist archery equipment was stolen out of his car on Saturday. He’s offering a reward. No questions asked.

Man arrested over fatal SE motorbike crash

Supplied Editorial Fwd: 7 news screenshots

A young motorcyclist was fatally hit by a car that didn’t give way in the state’s South East, SA Police allege — with the driver now under arrest.

Devastation: School friends mourn ‘nicest girl ever’


The schoolfriends of much-loved 15-year-old Sophia Naismith have gathered at the site of her death — as the driver of the “out of control” $330,000 Lamborghini is charged with her death.

Three people killed in horror four hours on SA roads

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Fatal Crash Windsor

An elderly man has been killed and two others were seriously injured in a head-on crash in Adelaide’s north during a horror four-hour period of crashes on SA roads.

Rebel bikie member on the run — again

Rebel's bikie Bradley Daniele

A bikie who had taunted police after evading arrest two years ago, is once again wanted by police.

Get along to this big barbie — chop, chop

Red Rock and Ribs Festival at Morphettville

Fancy a barbecue? Washed down with a glass of red? To a rock music soundtrack? With some classic cars to admire?

Farmers Union splashes in fashion

Iced Coffee Fashion

It takes a lot to make a splash in fashion nowadays — but leave it to SA’s top drop to unveil the must-having clothing line of 2019.

Why this Adelaide bloke took his snake for a ‘walk’

The man with one of his red-bellied black snakes. Picture: Supplied.

The spotted black snake is just one of Australia’s venomous reptiles — but that doesn’t mean they need to be cooped up inside all the time, right?

Inside unlikely home of SA’s Hells Angels

The Hells Angels clubrooms at Clarence Gardens are for sale. Source:

Tucked away in a suburban backstreet in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, an unlikely property has been home to one of Australia’s most feared bikie gangs. Now it’s on the market. But would you buy it?

Man drives ute into tree in CBD after argument

A man drove his ute into a tree in the middle of Hindmarsh Square, police say. Picture: Channel 9 News

A man has driven his ute into a tree in the middle of Hindmarsh Square after an argument with a woman, police say. No one has been injured. Picture: Channel 9

Missing man owed money to dealers


A missing Adelaide man suspected to be murdered had scammed drugs and money from dangerous characters, according to his former housemate.

Frosty conditions on shortest day of the year

While it may be as cold and frosty as ever today, at least the days will start getting longer and warmer after the weekend.

Zoo sticks its neck out to name newest stars

World Giraffe Day This Friday at Monarto

To celebrate world giraffe day at Monarto Zoo keepers have exclusively revealed the new calves’ names to The Advertiser. Visitors are encouraged to donate to the endangered species via their conservation program.

Glenn’s skin saved by world-first SA transplant

World First Burns Treatment

An SA burns victim owes his renewed life to a world-first skin transplant developed by Royal Adelaide Hospital surgeon John Greenwood, who got sick of seeing such patients with limited options.

From civil war to safety in Adelaide

Refugee Week

This week is Refugee Week - a time to celebrate refugees’ contributions to Australia. Denis Yengi, 38, of Burton, and other refugees share their stories.

Classic Holden stolen

An iconic 1973 Holden Monaro which was stolen from a property in Angle Vale on 20 June,2019 Picture: South Australian Police.

A 1973 Holden Monaro has been stolen overnight, and police are asking the public if they’ve seen it.

Alleged credit card thief confronted by victim

A man uses a gift card, debit or credit card for payment at checkout. Focus to card. Card details removed. Eftpos terminal is not in focus.

This victim was not going to let an alleged thief get away with stealing his credit card, tracking him down and confronting him at the West Lakes Shopping Centre.

Huge line-up for cheap Book of Mormon tickets

Supplied Editorial Brody Pole, Brianne Poole and Anja Vivian bought $20 Book of Mormon tickets. Supplied

Tickets to hit musical The Book of Mormon were up for grabs for just $20 this morning – an offer that drew a crowd of more than 500 campers.

Death of the DVD store in the northeast


The last DVD store in Adelaide’s northeast is set to close by early next week, leaving just a handful left across the entire city.

Man bashed with poles during break-in

Police were called to a home in Port Noarlunga, after a man was assaulted by two men armed with poles during a break-in, Thursday, June 20, 2019. Picture: MATT LOXTON

A Port Noarlunga man who was sitting in his lounge room when his front door was kicked in by two men has been bashed with poles.

Dream comes true for new police recruit

Make a Wish - Police cadet for a day

Young Harry Martin has always wanted to be a police officer. Muscular dystrophy has made his life challenging, but yesterday he was able to live out his long-held dream.

Tales of inspiration amid a world of flavours

Refugee Week Coverage

The Adelaide Central Market will become a world of diverse flavours and stories, as inspiring people like Cordelia Claye share their experiences during Refugee Week.

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