Very unusual 24 hours of summer

Cold Woman Behind Wet Glass thinkstock

广东时时彩11选五 Adelaide has shivered through its coldest December day in 50 years, thanks to a large low pressure system sitting over Victoria - after reaching 35C the day before.

UNSOUND of music: Six jawdropping artists

Yves Tumor - US artist

Think post-dubstep, not Post Malone. Didn’t make it to Dark Mofo? Don’t worry. UNSOUND is here from tonight until Sunday. Here are Mikey Cahill’s six artists keen on dropping your jaw.

Meet the graduates who are smashingstereotypes

Year 12 students who grew up in state care

More than 200 young people in state care have completed Year 11 or Year 12 this year.

Plea to speak up to protect the elderly

Spriggs family

Speaking up about suspected abuse in aged-care facilities can be “one of the building blocks to save people in the future”, despite the daunting nature of voicing concerns, Oakden whistleblower Barb Spriggs says.

Man’s body found in smoke-filled cabin

SA police car and markings.

The body of a West Australian man has been found after a possible fire at a caravan park at Whyalla Norrie.

Man charged again over fatal shooting of mate

Parawa shooting accused Hayden Dove Fenton

Charges have been relaid against a man accused of fatally shooting his friend in the head while firing at cans in a forest on the South Coast.

Alleged ‘Pedo hunter’ assault charge withdrawn

Richard Paul Warner is seen outside the Magistrates Court in Adelaide. Wednesday, March 28, 2018. (AAP Image/David Mariuz) NO ARCHIVING

An aggravated assault charge against alleged self-proclaimed “pedo hunter” Richard Paul Warner has been withdrawn.

Domestic abuse victims should seek help early

business woman speaks by phone in the street

Women are less likely to report abuse by a partner in the first year of a relationship — but new research shows calling police early reduces the risk of becoming trapped in a violent relationship.

Eight hurt in separate crashes on major highways

Road Crash

Eight people have been hurt — three critically — after two separate crashes this morning on major roads.

Record car park bingle bill $22,000

Westfield Marion Shopping Centre carpark almost empty at 10.30am, full by 11.15am. Car park at 11.15am.

Car park bingle month is not even half over but the record bill for one incident this year is $22,000.

Big blade used in petrol station robbery

Intent to kill - man holding a knife, possible murder weapon, behind his back.

A man wielding a large knife is on the run after stealing cash and cigarettes from a service station at Glenelg East.

Severe weather cuts power to thousands

A power outage at Westfield West Lakes

Thousands of people are still without power after this morning's severe weather - power has been restored to Westfield West Lakes after part of the centre went dark. Picture: 7 News Adelaide

The lion that once prowled SA

High resolution computer generated image of what a leopard-size thylacoleo carnifex might have looked like, with a skeleton currently on display in the Western Australia Museum in Perth.

Marsupial predators — larger than leopards and every bit as agile — once hunted across South Australia. Adelaide scientists have revealed for the first time what they were like.

RAH gets cracking to break records

A wide generic view of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, in Adelaide. Tuesday, September 12, 2017. (AAP Image/David Mariuz) NO ARCHIVING

The Royal Adelaide Hospital has hit new records for the numbers of patients admitted and discharged.

Passengers grounded for more than a day

First Tiger Flight

Frustrated passengers have been left stranded for more than a day at Adelaide Airport after a fault to a Tigerair aircraft.

Video: Arrests at homeless centre over city break-in

Still grab from the arrests at the Hutt Street Centre over the incident.

Footage has appeared of two people being arrested at the Hutt Street Centre after a break-in at a city residence.

SA’s humble heroes honoured


A charity worker, football coach, pioneering surgeon, Australia’s most prominent Aboriginal educator and a man who saved his mate from death in a hot spring in the Outback are the 2018 SA Pride of Australia winners.

Sparky suspended for installing dangerous solar panels

Solar panels on house

A dodgy electrician has had his licence suspended after he installed faulty solar cells throughout country South Australia.

It just got easier to have your say

Comments improvements, phase 2 for Herald Sun.

We know you like to be part of the discussion on stories that affect South Australia — and your feedback and comments are important to us. Now joining the conversation on just got a whole lot better. Check out our improvements.

‘Bloody exciting!’ — How SA reacted to the Space Agency news

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018. Christmas turkey rocketed toward the International Space Station on Wednesday, along with cranberry sauce, candied yams and the obligatory fruitcake. (Craig Bailey/Florida Today via AP)

South Australia has won the space race with news that the Australian Space Agency will be based in Adelaide — and Advertiser readers were over the moon about it!

Damaging winds warning as cool change rolls in


Damaging winds and thunderstorms are set to hit parts of SA as a cool change brings rain after a hot day. The bureau has issued a warning for parts of the state.

‘Dinosaurs’ with an art for saving history

Gary Lancaster

They call themselves painters, decorators, artists and dinosaurs — whose very heritage trade they fear could be at risk.

Witnesses sought over cafe brawl

Stabbing Followup

A man has been seriously injured in a group fight involving more than eight men at an eastern suburbs cafe.

Overland saved for another year

Escape - Overland Train, Great Southern Rail.

The Overland train service will live on for another year, thanks to a much needed injection of funds from the Victorian Government.

What’s on in Adelaide: Events, Shows and Festivals in December 2018

Old Reynella Christmas Pageant

From festivals and fashion to art, play and family fun — we have your essential guide to all the events happening across Adelaide.

Meaning behind massive new statue turning heads

Centennial Park Cemetery sculptor of Holding Hands by artist Karl Meyer.

It’s the four-metre-tall statue that’s appeared on Goodwood Rd — and has already brought some to tears. There’s a lovely meaning behind the giant pair of hands.

Firies ‘in the dark’ on toxin fallout

PFAS testing at Largs North

A firefighter who returned a high blood sample for potentially deadly toxins says he and his colleagues are “confused and in the dark” about what it means for them and their long-term health.

Check out this road of rubbish

The first South Australian road built with soft plastics and glass will be constructed in Happy Valley.

Road workers laying bitumen in suburban Adelaide — not very newsy, right? But this isn’t your usual road surface.

Summer scorcher today, but the rain is on the way

Hot weather

Adelaide is in for some spring storms, and even a touch of winter, with rain and thunderstorms forecast after hitting a top of 35C today.

Fire destroys home in Adelaide's north


A house in the northern suburbs has been destroyed by a fire that caused $400,000 damage.

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