The little ragdoll cat that could

Pic story for Sunday mail

广东时时彩11选五 An exclusively indoor ragdoll cat has defied remarkable odds by surviving for five months in the Adelaide Plains — more than 2500 kilometres from home.

Yummy Mummy stars’ home fails to sell at auction

Yummy mummy sells

It had all the makings of becoming one of Adelaide’s top auction events of the year. But not even fame and fortune could help sell the home of Nextflix’s Yummy Mummies stars Maria DiGeronimo and Carlos Vannini. Find out what happened.

Boating tragedies leave four men fighting for their lives

Police are investigating a boating accident at Robe this afternoon. Two people were seriously injured after two boats collided during a ski race about 2.15pm on Saturday 23 February. Police and emergency services attended the scene near the Robe boat ramp. Two people were taken to the local hospital with potentially life threatening injuries and may be airlifted to Adelaide for further treatment - picture supplied

Two separate boating incidents in the past 24 hours have left four men fighting for their lives in hospital overnight.

Two men critically injured in boating crash

Aerial views of the Murray River, at Big Bend, between Swan Reach and Nildottie.

Two men are fighting for life in hospital following a boating crash on the River Murray near Swan Reach on Friday night.

Help Elvis leave the building

Elvis the Billy Goat

Are you lonesome tonight? Then don’t be cruel, and help Elvis the goat to leave the building, in the RSPCA’s annual “Clear the Shelters” adoption drive.

Man stabbed at hotel in Adelaide’s west


A man has been rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital after being stabbed at a hotel in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

Own solar battery like on a mobile phone plan

Premier - Power

A first-of-its-kind program will allow households in South Australia to pay off a solar battery system like they would a mobile phone plan.

Parked car in the way of roadworks? No problem

Patch of road that was not finished during resurfacing at May Tce, Ottoway. Photo supplied by Kellie Cambpell.

We all have obstacles at work, but faced with a car parked in the middle of their worksite at Ottoway these bitumen workers found a novel solution — just go around it.

Radio host sets a wheely big record

Soda on a Ferris wheel

Mix 102.3 radio host Mark Soderstrom has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest marathon on a fairground attraction — and it was all for a good cause.

Celebrity chef off to market

Supplied Editorial UK celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott

The Willunga Farmers Market will mark its 17th birthday on Saturday with a visit from UK celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott.

‘Squatter’ charged over apartment fire

Fire Damages Storm-Stricken Apartment Block in Gle

A 51-year-old woman who was squatting in an asbestos-filled apartment that was under construction following a storm is accused of setting fire to it on purpose.

Hapless thieves won’t get a high from this

FILE - In this April 24, 2018, file photo, a hemp plant is pollinated at the Unique Botanicals facility in Springfield, Ore. Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon has proposed legislation that would give states a free hand to allow legal marijuana markets without the threat of federal criminal intervention. (AP Photo/Don Ryan, File)

Stupid thieves have been confusing industrial hemp for marijuana, prompting a warning from Biosecurity SA that they will be left without a “high” and even risk getting seriously ill.

Temps heat up, flood warning for Far North


Today marks the beginning of a long series of days above 30C in Adelaide, while there is a flood warning for the state's Far North. 

Teachers won’t rule out more strikes

Teacher Strike

The teachers’ union says the State Government should be able to fund its demands for smaller classes and more support for teachers of kids with special needs, in light of the millions it has found for moving Year 7 into high school.

Party on with Con, Central Market’s oldest vendor

Con's 60th

It’s a party year at the Adelaide Central Market. As the market itself clocks up 150 years, Con’s Fine Food’s turns 60 this month.

Heat will be on for big race

Supercars - Clipsal 500 Adelaide: Top 10 Shootout & Race 2

The heat won’t just be on the track at the Superloop 500 next week as the temperature once again creeps above 30C for at least six days in a row.

Risky pedestrian behaviour under police scrutiny

Bank Street Trouble

Jaywalkers, watch out — police are targeting pedestrian safety in the Adelaide CBD after 23 crashes over four months in the city.

‘Homemade incendiary devices’ found near O-Bahn

Police searching along the O-Bahn track after reports of a suspicious package. Pic: Gertie Spurling

The O-Bahn track was temporarily closed after a Campbelltown local found a suspicious package on Thursday morning. It was one of multiple “homemade incendiary devices” found near the busway.

SA’s jobless rate worst in 18 months

Smiling older man answers questionnaire for young woman

South Australia’s jobless rate has again soared to 6.3 per cent, the worst figure recorded since June 2017.

Raw eggs culprit in food poisoning

“We sincerely apologise...We have no intention of harming anyone.” The message to Angkor Bakery customers in the wake of the salmonella outbreak. Loyal shoppers say they’ll continue to support the business. #7News Mark Mooney

A salmonella outbreak linked to three Angkor Bakery stores — which has left 51 sick and 19 admitted to hospital — is being blamed on handling raw eggs, prompting a SA Health warning.

Man dies in motorbike crash on residential street

A motorcyclist hit a roundabout and crashed into a tree in Fitzroy just after 2am. Picture: Josephine Lim

A motorcyclist has been killed after crashing into a tree on an inner-northern residential street that locals say is notorious for speeding motorists.

Why slower drivers have the smarts

Speed Cameras

SA drivers saved heaps in speeding fines last year by driving slower. So, how much did they save?

Dairy campaigner Casey raises stakes

Tizer Job

South Australian dairy farmer Casey Treloar was brought to tears as she met with politicians in Canberra.

‘Big softie’ son spared jail as dad lay in his own blood

Close up crime scene investigation police boundary tape

A “big softie” who assaulted his elderly father before going to bed, leaving the 97-year old lying in blood and broken glass, has been spared an immediate prison term.

Doctor prepared to offer Adelaide free pill testing

Pill Testing Presser

The doctor who led Australia’s first state-backed pill testing trial says his organisation will offer the Adelaide City Council a free trial if it pursues the issue.

Our Adut’s heartfelt tribute to fashion icon

Supplied Editorial Adut Akech and Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Adelaide supermodel Adut Akech, has paid an emotional tribute to the legendary Chanel designer, who has died at age 85.

Buddies Four on jukebox journey

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Buddies Four - A Jukebox Journey

After wowing rock ’n’ roll fans for four years at the Grange Bowling Club, Buddies Four will hit the Fringe with their new show, A Juke Box Journey.

Meet Oddball, the tiny kitten born with a head-tilt

Oddball the kitten with his head tilt

Look into Oddball’s eyes and try to say no. This adorable tiny fluff ball was born with a strange head-tilt but after lots of TLC at the RSPCA’s Lonsdale shelter she’s now available for adoption.

Pilot spells out ‘I’m bored’ across SA’s skies

A Flight training Adelaide plane has spelt out bored on its flight path

This is skywriting with difference! A young pilot tasked with flying for two hours at a constant speed found a creative way to deal with the tedium as he flew over South Australia’s Mid North.

750 litres of diesel spills into mid-north creek

750 litres of diesel spilled into the creek bed after the fuel tank ruptured. Picture: Piper Denholm

750 litres of diesel has spilled into a waterway just off the Augusta Hwy in the state's mid-north after a B-double truck crashed into a creek bed.

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