‘It mustn’t stop you from living’: School rides to defeat MND

Big Bike Ride

广东时时彩11选五 www.yya1n.com.cn THE inspirational vision of one man has connected a whole community to fight the debilitating condition known as ‘The Beast’: motor neurone disease.

Territorian wins $2 million at Keno

Australian Currency - One hundred and fifty dollar notes

A KENO ticket purchased at Karama Tavern has made one lucky Territorian a millionaire

Do you know a local sports star?

Junior sports Star Leonardo Prandi

THE NT News has started its search for local sports stars, with 9 year old BMX prodigy Leonardo Prandi the latest to wow Territorians

Cinemagoers yell criticism during The Nightingale premiere

Nightingale, by director Jennifer Kent

SYDNEY cinemagoers have walked out of a new film starring Territory actor Baykali Ganambarr — screaming out criticism during the premiere of a highly controversial Aussie movie

We stand united in troubled times

Maillis Family

THERE are many words that can be used to describe the Territory and Territorians — diverse, vibrant, multicultural, resilient, tolerant. At the heart of it all is that we are a close bunch, writes MICHAEL GUNNER

Judge mulls jailing cop over unwanted hug

Former NT Police officer Dean McMaster leaves the Darwin Supreme Court after pleading guilty to aggravated assault.

A SUPREME Court judge is considering jailing a former police officer over an unwanted hug he gave a colleague 18 years ago.

Territorians drawn to voting booths with Democracy Sausages

The Advertiser Library

THE NT News Democracy Sausage analyists have crunched the numbers and Territorians voted with sausage on their minds - there is nothing like a cheap offal “meat” wrapped in pig gut to make people want to vote.

‘It lit up the sky like daylight … a huge bang like an earthquake’

A meteor shower was filmed in Alice Springs by NT Police CCTV.

A RARE celestial event was caught on film by NT Police CCTV in Central Australia. Footage from Tennant Creek and Alice Springs Police shows the sky light up.

Man snatches croc from river with bare hands

Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick catches a freshwater crocodile at Towns Crossing between Roper Bar and Borroloola. Picture: Nicholas Milyari Fitzpatrick

A bloke who grabbed a 1.5m freshwater crocodile with his bare hands out of a remote Territory river in his first attempt said he just wanted to see if the old mob’s hunting skills were still there. WATCH THE VIDEO OF HIM CATCHING IT

Burt, the psychic croc, picks the election winner

Burt the Psychic Croc

PUT away the glasses. It’s all over. Burt the psychic crocodile has chosen Saturday’s federal election winner

Sex, helicopters and Photoshopped shoes: Australian political scandals

Political scandals artwork story crop.

Australia’s been building on its political scandal cred. From pin-the-tail on the prime minister to “I was set up by an Islamist government (they made me talk filth to a stripper)”, to “You mean I shouldn’t pay for prostitutes with the company credit card?” Read our special report on our beloved pollies.

FOI used to expose secret US military ‘sky penis’

US Navy pilots draw a massive scholong in the sky

A long suppressed story of how a dirty-sounding US Navy EA-18G Growler jet crew drew a giant and majestic penis, complete with gonads is now able to be told after a lengthy sky schlong investigation and the help of Freedom of Information.

Rush hour > Teens sentenced for armed taxi robbery

Breaking News Breaking News taxi generic

Three teenagers, one a 14-year-old armed with a shovel, have been sentenced with for robbing a Alice Springs cab driver? Could redrawn electoral boundaries threaten Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s hold on the seat of Fannie Bay? All this and more on our NT News live blog

Rush Hour > Fee increases for crazy cat ladies

Cat ladies

There are steep increases for licences for three or more cats in Darwin and a father and son owe a passing cattle ship a slab after they were rescued after clutching onto their broken up catamaran drifting out to sea. Those stories and more on our live blog.

‘It could have had a tragic outcome’: Cops call on lucky sailor

water Police

UPDATED: NT Police say “it could have had a tragic outcome” for two sailers who spent the night clinging to a capsized catamaran, had family not raised the alarm late last night.

Taxi driver robbed at knifepoint in Gray

Gang member and student from Sarah Redfern High at Minto carries a knife to school. NSW / Education / Teenagers / Gangs / Knives weapons protection youth crime violence juvenile generic

POLICE have called for witnesses after a taxi driver was robbed at knifepoint and had his taxi stolen in a horror incident in Gray

Why that daddy long legs may not be a spider at all

A daddy long legs spider. Supplied

Daddy long legs spiders typically occupy corner of your house and are difficult to relocate. But is what you looking at actually a spider at all?

$1 a week for first 12 weeks: Australia’s best news deal

NT News - Newsletter promo pic

NOW more than ever we need journalists to cut through the spin, tell the stories that matter and provide the insights that help you make decisions for you and your family. But also to keep you entertained like no other paper in Australia can

Your guide to Anzac Day services

Dawn Service at the Esplanade

UP TO 6000 people are expected at the Dawn Service and march in Darwin on Thursday, where Anzac Day holds special significance. Read here for your guide to the main services across the Territory

Fake poos: Apology to brew house farts

NT News horse's butt art

THURSDAY’S NT News quoted Jason Hanna as comparing the stench of a group of hypothetical tourists to Darwin to ‘a brew house fart’. That was incorrect

Double whammy: Fisho hooks two barra on one lure

Queenslander Mattie Wiseman caught a rare double header last weekend at Woods Inlet CREDIT Alan Hunter

ONE lucky fisho has sec­ured himself bragging rights for years to come by hooking two barra on a single lure on a Top End fishing trip

The Galloping Ghan: 500km/h Darwin to Adelaide bullet train

artists impression of proposed bullet train for geelong line

TERRITORIANS could soon be jetting down to Adelaide for a weekend get away without having to take to the sky after plans were hatched to build a bullet train called the Galloping Ghan between the cities.

Hollywood style CU in the NT sign to light up Darwin

Northern Territory

DARWIN will be lit up with a huge ‘Hollywood’ style CU in the NT sign to be hung on the side of the Evolution building in the CBD with the proponents hoping to get an NT Government Turbocharging Tourism grant to make it happen.

NT News to end era of funny front pages


THE funny front pages the NT News is famous for will end, with editor Matt Williams saying the time had come to align with other newspapers around Australia and to become politically correct.

Outbreak: NT bubs urged to get measles vaccine

Viral Diseases - Hand Infected - Hand foot and mouth disease HFMD

TERRITORY tots aged nine months and older will now be able to be vaccinated against measles as health experts battle to control an outbreak of the disease in the Top End

Daniel v the croc: Saltie makes landfall like a Cat 4

A croc has launched out of the water and onto land, eating a barramandundi a fisho had hooked.

IT HAS barra (a beast of a fish), bogans, plenty of swearing, a rampaging croc running onto the land after a hooked fish and grown men in anguish almost crying over the large gill-bearing aquatic craniate. IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE CROC VIDEO THIS YEAR THEN MAKE IT THIS ONE

Severe flooding could hit as residents evacuate

Tropical Cyclone Trevor

THE Barkly region is bracing for potential flooding as the aftermath of severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor reverberates through the mainland today

Monster storm hits NT communities hard

Tropical Cyclone Trevor slammed into the NT mainland as a severe Category 4 system. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology

FOR those who remained behind in Cyclone Trevor’s destructive path, it was a terrifying experience. But it won’t be known for a while just how much damage the monster storm has caused

Gunner ‘concerned’ for stranded six

Gunner presser

MICHAEL Gunner has urged Territorians to closely monitor emergency services channels as Severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor begins its march across the mainland.

Cyclone Trevor hammers NT mainland

A satellite image showing Tropical Cyclone Trevor as it crosses the NT coast Picture: BOM

TROPICAL Cyclone Trevor slammed into the NT mainland as a severe Category 4  system. At its peak, Cyclone Trevor’s wind gusts were similar to those recorded during the Territory’s most infamous storm, Cyclone Tracy, before Trevor was downgraded to a tropical low this morning

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