Fake poos: Apology to brew house farts

NT News horse's butt art

广东时时彩11选五 www.yya1n.com.cn THURSDAY’S NT News quoted Jason Hanna as comparing the stench of a group of hypothetical tourists to Darwin to ‘a brew house fart’. That was incorrect

Double whammy: Fisho hooks two barra on one lure

Queenslander Mattie Wiseman caught a rare double header last weekend at Woods Inlet CREDIT Alan Hunter

ONE lucky fisho has sec­ured himself bragging rights for years to come by hooking two barra on a single lure on a Top End fishing trip

The Galloping Ghan: 500km/h Darwin to Adelaide bullet train

artists impression of proposed bullet train for geelong line

TERRITORIANS could soon be jetting down to Adelaide for a weekend get away without having to take to the sky after plans were hatched to build a bullet train called the Galloping Ghan between the cities.

Hollywood style CU in the NT sign to light up Darwin

Northern Territory

DARWIN will be lit up with a huge ‘Hollywood’ style CU in the NT sign to be hung on the side of the Evolution building in the CBD with the proponents hoping to get an NT Government Turbocharging Tourism grant to make it happen.

NT News to end era of funny front pages


THE funny front pages the NT News is famous for will end, with editor Matt Williams saying the time had come to align with other newspapers around Australia and to become politically correct.

Outbreak: NT bubs urged to get measles vaccine

Viral Diseases - Hand Infected - Hand foot and mouth disease HFMD

TERRITORY tots aged nine months and older will now be able to be vaccinated against measles as health experts battle to control an outbreak of the disease in the Top End

Daniel v the croc: Saltie makes landfall like a Cat 4

A croc has launched out of the water and onto land, eating a barramandundi a fisho had hooked.

IT HAS barra (a beast of a fish), bogans, plenty of swearing, a rampaging croc running onto the land after a hooked fish and grown men in anguish almost crying over the large gill-bearing aquatic craniate. IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE CROC VIDEO THIS YEAR THEN MAKE IT THIS ONE

Severe flooding could hit as residents evacuate

Tropical Cyclone Trevor

THE Barkly region is bracing for potential flooding as the aftermath of severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor reverberates through the mainland today

Monster storm hits NT communities hard

Tropical Cyclone Trevor slammed into the NT mainland as a severe Category 4 system. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology

FOR those who remained behind in Cyclone Trevor’s destructive path, it was a terrifying experience. But it won’t be known for a while just how much damage the monster storm has caused

Gunner ‘concerned’ for stranded six

Gunner presser

MICHAEL Gunner has urged Territorians to closely monitor emergency services channels as Severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor begins its march across the mainland.

Cyclone Trevor hammers NT mainland

A satellite image showing Tropical Cyclone Trevor as it crosses the NT coast Picture: BOM

TROPICAL Cyclone Trevor slammed into the NT mainland as a severe Category 4  system. At its peak, Cyclone Trevor’s wind gusts were similar to those recorded during the Territory’s most infamous storm, Cyclone Tracy, before Trevor was downgraded to a tropical low this morning

Ex-Cyclone Trevor barrels through the NT as a low

Supplied Editorial Satellite image of Cyclone Trevor from BOM

CYCLONE Trevor slammed into the NT mainland about 11am Saturday as a severe Category 4 system with ‘wild’ winds of up to 250km/h. The system is continuing to wreak havoc on the NT as a tropical low

Hungry snake makes meal of goanna

A snake eats a goanna at Lajamanu. Picture: Reece Houston/ALPA

IF YOU’VE ever wondered who would win a fight between a snake and a lizard, you need wonder no more

Gale force winds to hit this afternoon


UPDATE: Groote Eylandt will be one of the first places in the NT to feel the effects of Tropical Cyclone Trevor when gale force winds hit this afternoon. Trevor is now expected to make landfall about 10am Saturday as a Category 4 system

Cyclone Trevor expected to rapidly intensify

Residents being evacuated from Groote Eylandt. Picture: Stefan Turley

MASS evacuations are underway as emergency services and Defence personnel work to move Territory residents into areas of safety as Cyclone Trevor is predicted to ‘rapidly intensify’ to a Category 3

Cyclone Warning issued as Trevor may hit Cat 5

The latest cyclone track map for Cyclone Trevor. Picture: BOM

UPDATE: Tropical Cyclone Trevor is now a Category 3 system intensifying in the hours just before dawn on Friday.  

Watery Finniss for Top End fisho’s ute

A 4WD went for a swim in the mouth of the Finniss River Picture: Facebook

A TOP End fisho’s worst nightmare has been realised as his ute took a plunge in the waters of the Finniss River mouth

Trevor to hit NT coast as Cat 4

Damage at Lockhart River from Tropical Cyclone Trevor, which is blasting the region with gusts of around 117 km/h. Picture: Supplied.

UPDATE: About residents have been evacuated from Numbulwar and Groote Eylandt with a Tropical Cyclone Watch issued as Emergency Services prepare for Cyclone Trevor to cross the NT coast as a Category 4.

World first reporting round announced by NT News

Monster Crocodile "Brutus" taken on the Adelaide river Jumping croc cruise 6/7/11. Call croc cruise people on 8983 3224 or 0427 180 316.

IN A break with recent tradition, the NT News is splitting the prestigious crocodile and UFO reporting rounds with new journalists given guernseys for the roles. But the real news is the announcement of a world first in news reporting

NT residents told to prepare for Cyclone Trevor


EAST Arnhem communities are being told to buckle down and prepare for the wrath of incoming severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor, with the system now at category 3 strength

Chance of a weekend NT cyclone

Weather - floods and wild weather yarn

WEATHER forecasters are predicting there is a low chance of a cyclone forming over NT waters on Sunday

Forestry branches out

Gibson Farmer working in the forestry plantation on the Tiwi Islands

Growing Northern Australia’s forestry and forestry products industry and the challenges and opportunities facing it will be the central plank of a new Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) project.

Still catching plenty, despite poor weather

Mikki and Lachie Heath with dad Cal and poppy Ian with their big Barra caught out at Kakadu

THE lack of rain has not stopped people finding trophy fish, with several metre-plus barramundi caught last week, writes MATT FLYNN

Revealed: Tilly named our cutest dog

JK - Cutest Dog

THE Territory’s cutest dog is pawsitively perfect. Tilly the kelpie is a working dog with a sweet disposition and love for all humans. CHECK OUT the pictures of all our entries here

Dolly’s Dream to take anti-bullying message to NT schools

Supplied image of Amy Everett who modelled as "Dolly" for Akubra hats. Amy suicided after being bullied at school. Facebook

TERRITORY kids, their teachers and parents will get a lesson in online safety through the work of Territory heroes Kate and Tick Everett who lost their 14-year-old daughter Dolly to suicide last year and have campaigned against cyber bullying since

Concern for tourist travelling through NT

The family of Canadian tourist Keith Miller hold for concerns for his welfare and ask for him to make contact with them or the NT Police. Picture: Supplied

THE family of Canadian tourist Keith Miller, believed to be travelling in the NT, is concerned for his welfare as he has not made contact with relatives since February 20

The GOAT goat: Miraculous fireproof goat

Lucky goat survives Bunyip fires.

A MIRACLE goat in the running for GOAT - greatest of all time - of goats, that was tied to a fence, survived a bushfire by wisely standing on the only patch of grass that didn’t burn.

50 of the Territory’s cutest dogs

MANY hundreds of proud pooch parents nominated their pet when we put out a call for the NT’s cutest dog. We’ve chosen our favourite 50 — is your pup among them?

Is this a weather predicting cat, or is it just a cat?

Genius Weather Predicting Cat

A NEUROTIC, socially phobic and agoraphobic Oriental shorthair cat named Mischa can predict rain from up to three hours out with better reliability than the Bureau of Meteorology, her owner has said.

Last chance to enter our Cutest Dog Comp

CUTE DOG COMP NT NEWS DAY 1 Diesel and Bella are both Labradors who absolutely love the rain and water. They are best of friends to each other as they are to us ! Georgia Politis

IT’S your last chance to enter the NT News’ cutest dog competition so snap us a picture of your pooch and send it through

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