Mum’s ‘extravagant’ baby name slammed

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - Jade Jeanes with her daughter Disney. Jade's favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast and she initially considered calling her 'Belle', before opting for Disney because she "just really like the name." Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. March 20 2019.See SWNS story SWSYdisney. A mum has hit back at critics after she paid tribute to her favourite films by naming her daughter -- Disney. Jade Jeanes and her husband Joshua, both 27, struggled for seven years to have their little bundle of joy, so said they wanted to pick an "extravagant" name.Stay-at-home Jade's favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast and she initially considered calling her 'Belle', before opting for Disney because she "just really like the name."The tot - Disney Jade Jeanes - was born in November at St Michael�s Hospital, Bristol, and Jade admits even the midwives thought the name was unusual. Picture: SWNS/Mega

广东时时彩11选五 A mum has been left heartbroken when the unique name of her first born was branded “hideous” and “unfortunate”.

Mum births six babies in record time

Thelma Chiaka gave birth to six babies in Houston, Texas. Picture: Woman's Hospital of Texas

A mother has given birth to two sets of twin boys and one lot of twin girls in an eye-wateringly fast time.

‘I didn’t put my baby down for 7 months’

Deianna couldn't put her son Elijah down for the first seven months of his life. Picture: Instagram

A new mother was so crippled by anxiety she couldn’t put her bub down for months — but it had terrible consequences.

Why my son won’t go to bed without The Wiggles

Casual baby watching attentive a mobile phone

Lillian Saleh’s toddler has recently gotten into the habit of watching The Wiggles or “choo choo trains” on her mobile phone before he falls asleep. But she’s trying to break him of the habit.

Mum heartbroken after memorial pot stolen

A family is grieving after someone stole a pot with the remians of their baby boy.

An entire family has been left devastated after a memorial flower pot was stolen from their front porch.

Little boy’s smile hides deadly secret

Wesley Lacey and Rebecca Oldham were given the devastating news last week. Picture: Go Fund Me

Jack’s parents thought his lopsided grin was just a quirk, but it was hiding something much more sinister.

‘Barbaric’ surgical trend harming babies

Preview of SBS The Feed this Thursday. Picture: SBS

A massive increase in a little-known surgical procedure for bubs, despite sufficient evidence it should be done, has prompted mums to speak out.

China’s deeply disturbing list

China list afsd afds adsf fds

A database has been compiled containing the personal details of 1.8 million Chinese women. One key data set is extremely disturbing.

Footy WAG’s ‘dangerous’ anti-vax admission

Anti-vax mum running workshops for

The wife of an NRL player has revealed her controversial vaccination views as she hosts “informative” talks for parents.

Premmy twins’ touching first act

Olivia and Zoe were born prematurely at 29 weeks. Picture: Instagram

A set of premature twins were separated at birth for emergency treatment, but their first act when they were reunited was heartwarming.

Filthy truth about disposable nappies

Over 100 nappies dumped in bush land in the rural area

Disposable nappy fans will tell you they’re not so bad but other options could save you thousands — and supermarkets won’t stock them.

‘Horrible’ baby name splits parents

Female (6-9 months) baby crawling on white background. Child. Girl. Baby. Generic image.

There’s plenty of unusual baby names out there, but this original one has divided parents online — with one branding it “horrible”.

Teacher’s ‘heroic’ act goes viral

Mathematics professor Nathan Alexander from Atlanta

A teacher went above and beyond the call of duty after discovering one of his pupils was in need.

Carrie’s horror first week back at work

Carrie posted this gorgeous photo of her laying beside her baby daughter, Adelaide. Picture: Instagram

Carrie Bickmore has given us a look into her horror first week back at work, less than three months after giving birth to her daughter Adelaide.

Surprise link to obesity in kids

Little infant baby lying on mothers hand drinking milk from bottle. Newborn baby drinking milk from bottle. Cute toddler with milk bottle on leg of mother.

New Aussie research has uncovered a dangerous link between feeding babies solids and formula too early and childhood obesity.

’Cruel’ baby challenge upsets parents

The original video was posted to Twitter last Thursday. Picture: Twitter

The latest viral trend involves a baby, a slice of processed cheese and a serious sense of humour. But not everyone is happy about the ‘Cheesed Challenge’.

Blogger’s ‘extravagant’ shower slammed

Kayla Itsines and her fiance Tobi Pearce pose at their baby shower. Picture: Instagram

Kayla Itsines celebrated the impending arrival of her first child with a lavish baby shower, that some are claiming was over the top.

Formerly conjoined twins heading home

Children's First Foundation

Formerly conjoined twins Nima and Dawa are ready to head home to Bhutan after undergoing complex separation surgery last year.

Hidden dangers of strands of hair

Baby toes cut off by a stand of hair. Picture: Facebook

Parents are sharing horrifying stories of their babies being in severe distress because of a seemingly harmless strand of hair.

Oh baby! Taking these photos is child’s play

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH SPECIAL. ONE TIME USE. NO ONSELL OR ONPASS. Newborn photography specialist Jade Gao based in Sydney's suburb of Balmain. MUST CREDIT Newborn Photography by Jade

Photographer Jade Gao has one happy certainty in her working life: a baby’s smile will make her day. She believes she has the best job in the world making one-of-a-kind pictures of young children, ranging from newborns to toddlers. SEE GALLERY

When your toddler just wants to know ‘what’s this?’

Portrait of little kid boy sad on birthday. child with lots of toy

Lillian Saleh loves that her toddler wants to know what’s going on — so much so he asks her the same question sometimes up to 20 times a day. And while she is enjoying answering him, she’s not sure how long she can keep it up for.

Girl, 11, forced to have rapist’s baby


An entire country is up in arms after a girl, 11, was denied an abortion after being raped by her grandmother’s boyfriend.

Baby’s face ravaged by ‘deadly kiss’


A toddler was infected with a horrifying virus after being kissed by an adult — covering his face with angry red welts. Warning: Graphic content.

Mum’s horror over son’s daycare injury

Xavier suffered severe grazing and bruising to his head after his day at the Kingsley daycare. Picture: Facebook

A Perth mother was left horrified after she picked up her infant son, seriously injured after spending the day at a childcare centre.

Toddler had two doughnuts for dinner, so what?

Supplied Editorial Fwd: istock pic

Lillian Saleh has never had to worry about her toddler’s appetite — until now. Just shy of this second birthday, he has gone from eating everything put in front of him, to thumbing his nose and refusing to eat. Until he spied the cinnamon doughnuts.

Anti-vax WAG welcomes second baby

Supplied Shanelle Cartwright

The wife of NRL star Bryce Cartwright has given birth to a baby days after publicly defending her decision not to vaccinate her children.

Shocking act with screaming baby

Dr Andrew Arnold adjusting baby Harvey.

A Melbourne chiropractor is being investigated after a video of him manipulating a screaming newborn caused controversy.

Newborn’s ‘massive’ surprise for mum

Bethany Green with baby daughter, 4-week-old Avery Green, who was born with a tooth. See SWNS story SWLEtooth. A Blackpool-born baby is the proud owner of her very first pearly white - despite being just four weeks old. Bethany Green’s daughter Avery was born a healthy 6lb 7oz on January 16 following an uneventful pregnancy and a short four-hour labour. But nurses at Blackpool Victoria Hospital quickly noticed something very unusual about her. An almost fully-grown milk tooth growing from her lower gums.

A British mum was shocked to discover her newborn daughter was born with something she shouldn’t have — and it’s actually very common.

Rusciano blasts husband’s ‘stupid’ joke

Em Rusciano lashes out at husband over his joke.

When Em Rusciano’s husband pranked a nurse, she wasn’t impressed. Now she’s explained what really happened.

Carrie’s honest parenting confession

Carrie Bickmore gets real about parenthood

Carrie Bickmore shared two contrasting photos that illustrate the realities of motherhood — and parents just can’t get enough.

When your toddler has a public tantrum — just smile

Busy parents work while the kid eats breakfast at the table

Toddler tantrums in public can be very stressful — for both the child and the parent. And with Lillian Saleh’s son in full swing lately, it was some advice from another mum on Facebook that is helping her cope.

Fierce competition for Bonds fur baby

Bonds Fur Baby search kicked off yesterday.

It only kicked off yesterday and already the Bonds Fur Baby Search has clocked more than 20,000 entries. Competitors, this is what you’re up against.

Chilling photo parents need to see

A fire department shared some very important information about sleeping with doors closed

A fireman has shared a eye-opening image, warning parents about an every day occurance that could be putting their kids at risk each night.

Bonds drastic change after 16 years

Bonds has canned public voting for its popular Bonds Baby Search competition. Picture: Bonds/ Facebook

Organisers of Bonds Baby Search have responded to major backlash about the competition — making a controversial change.

Mum-to-be left ‘depressed’ after discovering she’s having a boy

Mum-to-be left ‘depressed’ after finding out she’s having a boy instead of a girl

After finding out the gender four weeks ago, the woman’s partner says she ‘still cries whenever someone mentions the baby’ and she won’t touch the nursery.

Planning a child’s birthday party is a full-time job

Children blowing birthday candles.

It is still months away but Lillian Saleh is already in full birthday party planning mode — from where to host their son’s second birthday, to the party’s theme and even the cake. And she’ll have to take plenty of photographs because he won’t remember a thing.

Stepbrother has baby with 12yo sister

Photo of newborn baby fingers

A 12-year-old Perth girl, who gave birth to a healthy child earlier this month, was impregnated by her stepbrother it’s been revealed.

Mum dies battling stairs with baby

Mum dies falling down stairs carrying stroller

A 22-year-old woman’s shock death has left people reeling, as the young mum died doing something most of us do every single day.

Parents’ sexy selfie causes uproar

Two parents on holiday in Sydney have caused a stir from their sexy selfie. Picture: Stefan Pollman

A sultry selfie taken by a couple as they cared for their toddler has gone viral for all the wrong reasons — causing a stir among fellow parents.

Miracle $10 product ‘saves’ baby

Charlotte Little suffered from chronic skin condition, eczema. Picture: Kinship by Kristy

An Aussie mum has shared the “nightmare” ordeal her little girl endured, until a bargain product finally brought their anguish to an end.

Tips on travelling overseas with a toddler — don’t

Young mother and her baby boy traveling by plane.

It had been months in the planning — but nothing could prepare Lillian Saleh for the six-hour flight with her toddler son in her lap. Worse still were her visions of poolside cocktails giving way to the reality of travelling with a toddler.

Toddler’s ‘panicked’ act saved him

Mum shares horrifying photos after blind cord wraps around toddler’s neck

A mother has detailed the terrifying moment her three-year-old’s game went horribly wrong — sharing the horrifying photos.

Parents demand Huggies nappies recall

Popular Aussie baby brand, Huggies, is facing an uproar from angry parents who are demanding the company remove its nappies from shelves.

A popular Aussie baby brand is facing online anger from parents who are demanding it takes its nappies off shelves.

Mum’s horror find on baby monitor

The strange bedroom that appeared on the screen on Ms Day's hacked monitor.

A mum switched on her new baby monitor expecting to see her daughter’s room. But what she saw has sparked concerns about hacking.

Infuriating detail hidden in baby’s photo

mum airbrushes baby snaps for instagram

It might seem like an adorable baby photo, but there’s more than meets the eye in this snap — and it will leave you outraged.

$1m baby formula theft: Six arrested

Baby formula theft. Following extensive inquiries, 31-year-old Jian Ke, was arrested by strike force detectives, with the assistance of officers from Australian Border Force (ABF) and Australian Federal Police, after he arrived at Sydney International Airport on a flight from China about 10.30am on Saturday (19 January 2019). Supplied

Police have swooped on an alleged international crime syndicate accused of dealing in stolen baby formula, seizing 4000 tins of formula.

’Why I want my son to learn another language’

happy kids with alphabet cards playing

He’s not yet two and is yet to master his ABCs in English, but Lillian Saleh is already wanting her son to speak another language. Here she explains why.

Dummy recalled over choking fears

The 3 Little Birds BIBS baby dummies (above) have been recalled due to choke fears.

A popular baby’s dummy has been recalled amid fears infants could choke on parts that could break off and become lodged in their throats.

Adorable baby reacts to hearing for first time

Before and after. Picture: Storyful

This will be the most emotional thing you will watch all day. Get the tissues ready as this adorable, hearing-impaired baby reacts to her sister’s voice for the first time.

Ridiculous baby names banned

The list of banned baby names in New Zealand has been revealed, and they are pretty ridiculous.

A total of 66 baby names got the boot last year and some are so ridiculous it’s clear why they’ve been completely banned.

Mum’s weird sex toy hack goes viral

Mum's creative use for sex toy goes viral

A mum’s hack for helping her baby through a cold has mums around the world convinced their local sex shop could be just as handy as the pharmacy.

Baby scores massive modelling gig

Pantene found their new face after Baby Chanco went viral on Instagram.

An adorable baby with luscious locks and unusual hairdos has become the new face of Pantene after gaining Instagram fame.

Carrie’s honest post on new parenthood

Supplied Carrie Bickmore Instagram

Carrie Bickmore shared a photo of herself with partner Chris Walker and daughter Adelaide, with a hugely relatable caption about their baby’s first month.

Outrage as baby’s mouth taped shut

Russian baby has mouth taped shut in hospital. Picture: East2West News

A horrifying video has emerged of a distressed baby with a dummy wedged in his mouth with tape across it, causing a major scandal. WARNING: Graphic.

Most popular baby names of 2018 revealed

Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy is seen with William Bonner at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, Thursday, January 3, 2019. The most popular Victorian baby names in 2018 were formally announced today. (AAP Image/James Ross) NO ARCHIVING

The most popular boys’ name has retained its position for four years in a row, with a few others making their debut. Is your kid’s name on the list?

Baby Cayden arrives according to plan

New Year's Day baby at WCH

Cayden Woo, born at 12.08am, is likely to be South Australia’s first baby of 2019.

Top bogan baby names of 2018


Move over Abcde and Chardonnay - we have a stack of new bogan baby names, and there are some crackers among them.

Video reveals baby formula rort

Dozens of shoppers were seen buying tins of baby formula. Picture: Shane Conroy

A Woolworths customer has filmed a brazen group of shoppers appearing to blatantly rort the two-tin limit for baby formula.

‘Is seaweed OK?’ Mums’ worrying posts

Aussie mums are placing babies as young as six months on dangerous vegan diets based on advice found in Facebook groups. Social intelligence and news agency Storyful has uncovered multiple facebook groups where vegan mums swap dangerous diet tips for their young ones -- while ignoring doctor�s advice. One Facebook Group �Vegan Baby Led Weaning� -- which includes more than 100 Australian members -- allows discussion of vegan diets for children as young as six months.

A couple are facing jail after their toddler’s vegan diet left her severely malnourished. It’s just one horror story coming out of a worrying trend.

What being a working mum taught me

Supplied Editorial Dt Features Generic hassled working mum with baby Picture: iStock

2018 was a big year for first-time mum Lillian Saleh. She returned to work full-time after having her baby boy and has spent the year trying to get that “work-life balance” right. And it hasn’t been easy.

Meghan gets sassy on careers vs kids

Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (C) chats with actress Josephine Gordon (R) during a visit to the Royal Variety Charity's residential nursing and care home, Brinsworth House in Twickenham, south west London on December 18, 2018. - The honeymoon period for former actress and newly-minted British royal Meghan Markle, it seems, is over. Six months on from her fairytale wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, Meghan is faced with a daily barrage of tabloid headlines criticising her courtly manner and warning her against becoming "Duchess Difficult". (Photo by Geoff PUGH / POOL / AFP)

The Duchess was talking to a retired actor when she revealed she’d never had a family. Despite being pregnant, it seems the 37-year-old is able to relate.

Fast-thinking mum’s amazing rescue


She was confronted with every mother’s worst nightmare. But this Aussie woman jumped into action and saved her daughter’s life.

‘It’s not fair’: Anti-vax mum lashes out

"It's not fair," this anti-vax mum said.

This Australian town has the worst vaccination rates in the country. But its anti-vax mothers still claim they’re the real victims.

Mum shamed over innocent video

Mum shamed after photo of baby went viral

When Kate Nissen shared an innocuous video of her son in his floaties, she never anticipated the wildly negative response.

Mum’s staggering baby formula find

Chantel Malthouse uploaded this video to Facebook of what she claims to be Woolworths shoppers well going over the two-tin baby formula limit.

There’s supposed to be a limit of just two baby formula cans for each customer. But what this woman caught on camera left her fuming.

Woolies shrugs off baby formula fury

Chantel Malthouse uploaded this video to Facebook of what she claims to be Woolworths shoppers well going over the two-tin baby formula limit.

Woolworths has shrugged off complaints of customers appearing to abuse its two-tin baby formula limit, after a furious woman’s video went viral.

What the heck do you gift your child’s educators?

Stressed woman shopping for gifts of christmas with red santa hat looking angry and distressed

Lillian Saleh is struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the daycare educators she trusts with her son’s health and wellbeing every day she’s at work. And she’s not alone.

Mum’s 20 years on the run with daughter

A woman who kidnapped her baby daughter and went on the run with her for 20 years has revealed what drove her to the decision.

Family mocks woman’s bizarre baby name

Baby shower facebook comments Picture: Facebook

A furious mother-to-be has slammed her “fake” family for ridiculing her son’s name. They’ve now been uninvited to her baby shower.

Hit and miss luck of taking photos with Santa

RendezView. Santa and kids. (iStock)

After her baby’s hysterical outburst just at the sight of Santa last year, Lillian Saleh decided to give photos with Santa another go with her now 19-month-old, expecting another diaster.

Stupid ritual that needs to stop

TOPSHOT - These still images taken from a video provided by the US Forest Service show the moment a gender-reveal party sparked a wildfire in Green Valley, Arizona, in April 2017. - It's a boy! It's a girl! But for an off-duty border patrol officer in the US state of Arizona, it ended up being a massive wildfire sparked by a gender reveal party that went awry. A video released by the US Forest Service and carried by US media on November 28, 2018, shows the moment a makeshift target with the words "Boy" and "Girl" written on it explodes in an open field, revealing a plume of blue smoke and sparking a fire. The April 2017 blaze, dubbed the Sawmill Fire, scorched nearly 47,000 acres (19,020 Hectares) in Green Valley, Arizona, and was fully extinguished after about a week. (Photo by HO / US Forest Service / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / US Forest Service" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

Everyone you love will already be over the moon that a new little person is about to enter the family, so why do we insist on this pointless event?

‘Bogan’ gender reveal goes wrong

Gender reveal. Picture: 7 News/Facebook

An Aussie couple’s plan to reveal their baby’s gender with a burnout has ended in disaster after the car went up in flames.

Deadly warning sign hidden in photo

Izzy, three, has undergone 570 doses of gruelling chemotherapy to rid cancer. Photo:

When a father took an adorable snap of his daughter falling asleep on a swing, he had no idea what he had captured.

Fevola admits baby name prank

Brendan Fevlola with his new baby daughter.

Brendan Fevola announced the name of his new baby live on air yesterday, leaving Fifi Box giggling. He has now admitted it was a prank and has revealed his daughter’s real name.

How gender reveal became an $11m fire

Supplied Dennis Dickey started a $8.2 million fire at a gender reveal party

Video has showed the moment a dad-to-be’s gender reveal party resulted in a fire that cost 800 firefighters more than $11 million to extinguish.

Couple’s beautiful miracle baby

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - Georgia Axford, 19, and Tyler Kelly, 21, with baby Piper-Koh. See SWNS story SWOCspine. A baby who had pioneering surgery on her spine while in the WOMB to stop her being disabled has been born completely healthy. Georgia Axford, 19, and Tyler Kelly, 21, discovered their daughter had spina bifida – a gap in the spine - during the 20-week scan. The condition causes weakness or paralysis in the lower limbs, leaving sufferers dependent on supports or crutches, and in severe cases they can be wheelchair-bound. Medics told the couple the only treatment available in the UK was surgery by a doctor who'd never performed the op before, so they paid £9,000 to have it done in Germany. Piper-Kohl Kelly was born prematurely at 30 weeks and four days - and now shares a birthday and name with Prof. Thomas Kohl, the surgeon who carried out the operation.

A couple who travelled overseas so their unborn baby could have pioneering spinal surgery in the womb have welcomed a healthy baby girl.

Why I don’t want to shout at my toddler anymore

Young woman showing time out hand gesture, frustrated screaming

I’m turning into one of those mothers who seems to be always yelling at her toddler, Lillian Saleh writes. Not out of anger — but fear. Mostly mine. For him. And here’s why it just has to stop.

Mum ‘hasn’t been told the baby has died’

Nicole Stasio - US mother, 32, with severe postpartum depression kills her two month old baby daughter by throwing her from a moving car and then tries to kill herself in Bali.

The mum suffering from post-partum depression who allegedly threw her baby from a car in Bali before throwing herself out of the vehicle hasn’t been told the baby has died.

Morrison trashes new gender law

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference at APEC Haus during the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Sunday, November 18, 2018. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

Scott Morrison has slammed a law allowing Tasmanians to opt out of having their child’s gender displayed on a birth certificate, calling the proposal “ridiculous”.

Kaz Cooke’s new baby survival guide for parents

ONE TIME USE ONLY FOR SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - NOVEMBER 17 Illustrations and cover from: Babies & Toddlers by Kaz Cooke is the brand new sequel to her bestselling guide to pregnancy, Up The Duff, published by Penguin Random House and out tomorrow, $39.99

She demystified pregnancy in hilarious bestseller Up The Duff, now Kaz Cooke is helping parents through the next stage with its sequel Babies & Toddlers. Here is an exclusive extract.

Taking a toddler to the movies is its own drama

Happy group of kids at the cinema eating popcorn

It’s the latest movie everyone is talking about, and instead of missing out Lillian Saleh decided to go to the movies with her 18-month-old toddler. It wasn’t even a “mums and bubs” session, but brought with it its own drama.

Adorable pics of separated conjoined twins

Previously conjoined sisters Nima and Dawa were successfully separated at the Royal Children’s Hospital last week.

These cute twin sisters were conjoined at birth, but have been successfully separated in a life changing surgery in Melbourne.

Bibs recalled because of choking hazard

These are the bibs that have been recalled from Best & Less.

Bibs are a must-have in every parent’s home, but if you have purchased these ones you need to take them back.

To the stranger who didn’t judge me — thank you

Baby crying

ONE of the hardest things about being a mum is being judged by others, especially when your child has a public meltdown. Lillian Saleh now goes out with her son only when she has to but she’s hoping people’s reactions will change.

The 126 million women missing

Census population

MILLIONS of women are missing from countries all over the world and it’s because of this “extreme” obsession.

Conjoined twins successfully separated

Nima and Dawa have been separated today in a complex and lengthy surgery in Melbourne.

CONJOINED twins Nima and Dawa have exited surgery after six hours in the operating theatre, with all reports positive for the infants.

’Freebirthing is just plain arrogant’

Photo of newborn baby fingers

CHILDBIRTH is one of life’s most joyous experiences. But it’s not just about you. And this practice is putting two people in danger.

Aussie mum’s genius baby hack

Mum's genius baby back on social media

THIS Queensland mum just wanted to have a shower and finish her coffee so this is what she did — and she was surprised it worked.

Mum’s internet plea for embryo swap

The woman's post online.

LISA is so desperate to have another son, she posted a plea on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to trade embryos with her. The outrage was immediate.

My desperate attempt to have a son


LISA* is desperate for another son. She’s even willing to give her last female embryo away, in exchange for a stranger’s male embryo.

Newborn baby left in hot car on scorcher

Police attend to a baby left inside a car at a shopping centre in Sydney's west.

WITH temperatures nearing 40 degrees, this shopper was furious to come across a baby left along in a parked car at a shopping centre.

Why I was relieved it was my boy who was bitten

A little boy, 4 years old, eating a hotdog at a picnic. His mouth is full as he takes a bite. He is wearing a gray shirt with blue sleeves. Standing behind him are other children eating hotdogs.

WHEN her son’s daycare educators approached her with the dreaded “incident report”, Lillian Saleh instantly thought her son had done something horrible to another child. How wrong was she. And how bad does she feel.

‘I’m not ready to let anyone else look after my boy’

Young Mom Leaves Baby with Sitter

IN the 18 months since he was born, Lillian Saleh is yet to leave her son in anyone’s care apart from her husband and his daycare educators. Is not that she hasn’t had any offers — it’s just that she’s not ready to let go. And isn’t sure if she ever will be.

‘I can’t feed my baby’: Formula fury

Baby Formula

VIDEO revealed the desperate battle parents are having with hoarders for baby formula. And now mums have shared their very personal horror stories.

Psychologist reveals the ‘happiest’ baby names

The list of 'happiest' and 'unhappiest' boy and girl baby names might surprise you.

WHEN it comes to choosing a baby name, parents-to-be are pressed for choice. But this list might lend a helping hand.

Need a cheap babysitter? Visit an indoor play centre

n09mag20, Lollipops Play Centre, East Bentleigh for the April Nurture Magazine

IT seemed like a fun outing to entertain the toddlers on a rainy morning. But as soon as Lillian Saleh walked into the indoor play centre, she knew it was not going to end well.

One thing Kate did we hope Meghan won’t

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle at Wimbledon this year. Picture: Getty Images

MEGHAN reportedly goes to sister-in-law Kate for a lot of advice, but we hope she takes a different path for this royal tradition.

Mum’s impossibly perfect hair post-birth

Nadia Bartel and her new baby boy Henley.

NADIA Bartel is famous for her flawless fashion and beauty looks, but even for her this photo of her just after giving birth is pretty phenomenal.

When your son’s ‘frenemy’ brings out the worst

Mother travelling with 2 naughtly boys on train. The boys are fighting and the mother is holding her head in hands. Naughtly kids are a nightmare for their mother and other passengers.

HE’s not yet 18-months, but Lillian Saleh’s son has already got a frenemy — another little boy at daycare who pushes him around one minute and hugs him the next. And for a first-time mum, it’s all very confusing.

‘Gross’ breastfeeding campaign slammed

The hospital has been called out for its latest campaign.

A HOSPITAL in the UK has come under fire for a campaign telling women they’d be ‘yummier mummies’ if they breastfeed their babies.

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