Bishop leaves PM hopelessly exposed


广东时时彩11选五 Julie Bishop’s bombshell decision to quit politics has created a gaping hole in the Liberal Party — and left Scott Morrison hopelessly exposed.

Most annoying part of J-Bish’s exit

Question Time

Australia was shocked when steely political pro Julie Bishop announced her resignation yesterday — but there was one thing we missed.

How the Liberals lost ‘star’ Bishop


Julie Bishop’s shock departure comes down to one mistake the party made after she became the first woman to contest its leadership.

The hole Julie Bishop leaves behind

Former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reacts during a motion to suspend standing orders calling for government intervention for the dairy industry in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra, Thursday, February 21, 2019. AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

Julie Bishop has announced she is quitting politics. Her loss will make one of the government’s biggest problems even worse.

Trump’s extraordinary two-year war

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has been fighting a sustained attack on those investigating him over the past two years, according to a new report.

Bombshell letter: ‘Hockey owes me’

The letter to the Senate Estimates committee.

The controversy swirling around Joe Hockey has taken a dramatic turn thanks to an explosive letter written by the man he met with in Washington.

What's wrong with this image?

That's a lot of empty seats.

Kelly O’Dwyer’s valedictory speech didn’t disappoint, as she took an explosive parting shot. But much of the focus was on the government benches behind her.

Trump unleashes as 16 states sue

President Donald Trump speaks to a Venezuelan American community at Florida International University in Miami, Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

The President has blasted those suing him over his national emergency declaration, as the border wall battle becomes untenable.

Michaelia Cash’s staggering legal bill

Senate Estimates Department of Home Affairs

Taxpayers have forked out hundreds of thousands of dollars for embattled minister Michaelia Cash’s legal fees in the AWU raid case.

‘Just yes or no, sir’: Wall tensions flare

Donald Trump

Tempers are fraying over Donald Trump’s national emergency, as a senior White House aide dramatically clashed with a Fox News host.

Awkward handshake ‘not good enough’

Australian Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John shakes hands with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) during the motion on the Disability Abuse Royal Commission in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra, Monday, February 18, 2019. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

“As the Prime Minister was leaving the chamber, I asked him to give us a clear timeline, and he said to me: ‘I’ve said what I said’.”

Trump ‘may have committed crime’

Supplied Andrew McCabe and Donald Trump

It was a bombshell that shocked the world. Now it’s been revealed the FBI has a “good reason to think” Donald Trump committed a crime.

Ivanka’s fury captured in awkward video

Yeah, Ivanka wasn't too happy about this.

Ivanka Trump was seen attending a global conference in Europe — and one particular speech left her looking furious.

Truth behind Trump’s ‘emergency’

Trump set to declare national emergency to fund border wall as he signs spending bill to avert shutdown

Critics have slammed the US president’s declaration, claiming the crisis doesn’t exist — and that they’ll take the fight to the courts.

$200 billion trouble for Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said trade talks with China are “going well” — even hinting at an extension that could cost the US greatly.

AOC pushes to block Trump’s ‘emergency’

Supplied Donald Trump and Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC combo

Donald Trump has signed an emergency order to fund his border wall, but Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is set to introduce a bill to scuttle his plans.

The politics of people smuggling


The PM suffered a humiliating defeat this week. Strangely, it might be the best thing to have happened in his political career.

‘Con game’: Trump declares emergency

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to get his border wall built throwing the US government into disarray.

Bill Shorten’s ‘nightmare’ scenario

Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaks to the media during a doorstop interview after attending the International Women's Day breakfast at Parliament House in Canberra, Thursday, February 14, 2019. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

The government just suffered through a humiliating week — and yet Bill Shorten is on the defensive. He has just taken a gigantic risk.

Reason for Donald Trump’s bombshell

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump will declare a national emergency in order to build his wall. But there’s another key reason he’ll never admit to.

The controversial man at Hanson’s side


He has never been far from controversy. So when there was a physical clash at parliament, it was no surprise James Ashby was involved.

‘Disgrace to country’: Trump explodes

Supplied Andrew McCabe and Donald Trump

A sacked official has stunned with revelations the FBI plotted to remove Donald Trump from office. The President has exploded with anger.

Trump’s incredible golf purchase

Scotland Protests At The Visit Of United States President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump loves a game of golf. And he’s made a flashy new purchase - just so he can be better than Barack Obama.

Mystery of the blood-smeared door solved

Blood smeared on the door of Pauline Hanson's office.

A mysterious blood smear was found on Pauline Hanson’s office door this morning. Now the person responsible has confessed.

Trump gets ‘worst possible deal’

Donald Trump

As the President prepares to sign off on legislation to stop another shutdown, insiders warn he will turn to extreme measures over his wall.

‘Labor in disguise’: Abbott lashes out

Former prime minister Tony Abbott is seen during the launch of a new book by Dr Kevin Donnelly at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney, Tuesday, November 20, 2018. (AAP Image/Ben Rushton) NO ARCHIVING

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has taken an almighty swing at three members of the crossbench in a radio interview this afternoon.

Truth about Morrison’s humiliation

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Press Conference

Scott Morrison’s humiliating defeat in parliament this week could end up saving his job. And no, that sentence is not as ridiculous as it seems.

Big hole in PM’s people smuggler pitch

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, February 13, 2019. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

The Prime Minister says the crushing defeat he suffered will mean a green light for people smugglers. But there’s a big hole in his argument.

Why Labor didn’t pull election trigger

Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten and Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Monday, February 11, 2019. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

The government suffered a historic defeat yesterday — something that has sparked elections previously. So why aren’t we heading to the polls?

‘Definition of insanity’: UK in crisis

Theresa May

Political and business leaders have slammed the UK government’s inability to broker a Brexit divorce deal, with political insiders revealing PM Theresa May could resign within months.

Trump burns rival over controversial plan

asd asd asd asd asd

Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have exchanged brutal insults over a controversial proposal that’s divided Americans.

‘Shameful’: Incredibly violent rally attack

Supplied Trump El Paso rally 1

Video footage has captured the moment a MAGA hat-wearing man violently attacked a BBC journalist during a Donald Trump rally.

‘Not thrilled’: Trump lashes wall deal

Donald Trump

Negotiators have reached an agreement to prevent another US government shutdown, but there are already signs of a Trump-led revolt.

‘End of his bid’: Trump slams rival

Supplied Donald Trump and Democrat Beto O'Rourke

Donald Trump has taken a swing at the man many believe could be a major opponent in the 2020 presidential race, saying the Democrat “has very little going for himself”.

PM defiant: ‘Don’t kid yourselves’


He suffered a historic defeat on the floor of the House — and Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reacted by issuing a defiant warning.

‘It’s a simple question’: Sales’ frustration

Supplied Peter Dutton and Leigh Sales on 7.30 ABC

In a fiery exchange with Peter Dutton, 7.30’s Leigh Sales asked the minister repeatedly why he was refusing to ask one simple question.

Abbott’s most outrageous claim yet

Former prime minister Tony Abbott during Question Time in the House of Representatives at Parliament House in Canberra, Monday, November 26, 2018. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

As the former prime minister faces a battle to save his job, Tony Abbott has come out with one of his most outlandish claims yet.

US government reaches landmark deal

US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with sheriff's from around the country in the Diplomatic reception room at the White House in Washington, DC on February 11, 2019. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP)

US politicians have come to a landmark agreement ahead of a looming second round of government shutdowns.

America’s massive corruption laid bare

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, speaks during a press conference to announce Green New Deal legislation to promote clean energy programs outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, February 7, 2019. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

A five-minute “game” delivered by a popular US politician has broken a viewing record — and it’ll make some of America’s elite very nervous.

Secret clue in Trump-Russia probe

Donald Trump

A throwaway comment during a closed-door hearing has revealed a vital piece of information about the investigation’s working theory.

Trump link to sleazy tabloid scandal

This image shows the front page of the Jan. 28, 2019, edition of the National Enquirer featuring a story about Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos' divorce. Bezos claims American Media Inc., which owns the Enquirer, threatened to publish intimate photos of him unless he stopped investigating how the tabloid obtained his private text messages with his mistress that were published within the story. Prosecutors are now looking at whether an email exchange Bezos published shows AMI violated an agreement it struck to avoid prosecution for alleged campaign finance violations. (National Enquirer via AP)

A Donald Trump ally has been accused of leaking the sexts sent by the billionaire Amazon founder to his mistress — and the story only gets wilder.

PM cuts loose: ‘They have no idea’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers his address to the National Press Club in Canberra, Monday, February 11, 2019. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

Scott Morrison wasn’t messing around at the National Press Club today, where he cut loose on the issue plaguing his government the most.

PM’s very dark message to Australians

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Press Club Address

Just months out from an election he is predicted to lose, Scott Morrison made his pitch to Australians. And it was a very dark message.

‘In 2020, Trump may not be a free person’

(FILES) In this file photo taken on December 7, 2018 US President Donald Trump speaks at the 2018 Project Safe Neighborhoods National Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. - Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed on December 23, 2018 to prevent a power vacuum in Syria after US ground forces withdraw, in a phone conversation days after the US president shocked global partners by announcing Americans would leave the war-scarred country. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)

The 2020 Democratic race is on, and the contenders will be hellbent on dethroning Donald Trump. But who will he face off with?

The vote coming back to haunt ScoMo

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seen during a press conference in Sydney, Friday, February 8, 2019. (AAP Image/Peter Rae) NO ARCHIVING

Scott Morrison avoided an embarrassing defeat late last year. But now it’s coming back to haunt the Prime Minister.

‘Fears and lies’: City hits back at Trump

Trump addresses the annual National Prayer Breakfast

Donald Trump said crime had plummented since this US city built a border wall. Now its residents have hit back at the “fear and lies”.

Pyne goes rogue with frank admission

Christopher Pyne on Insiders. Picture: ABC

Senior minister Christopher Pyne has reopened the deep wounds of Malcolm Turnbull’s knifing with a frank admission about the state of politics.

‘I had no choice’: Trump lashes out

(FILES) In this file photo taken on January 31, 2019 US President Donald Trump speaks before a meeting between US and Chinese officials in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC. - US President Donald Trump reaffirmed, in an interview airing February 3, 2019, his determination to pull US troops out of "endless wars" in Syria and Afghanistan, but said they should stay in Iraq to watch Iran. Trump cited the high cost in blood and money after years of fighting in Afghanistan, in arguing for a US withdrawal from the place where the 9/11 attacks were hatched."It's time," he said in the interview with CBS's "Face the Nation." "And we'll see what happens with the Taliban. They want peace. They're tired. Everybody's tired." (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP)

Stung by an embarrassing leak revealing how little work he does from the Oval Office, Donald Trump has hit back at his critics.

This man is still Australia’s preferred PM

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seen during a press conference in Sydney, Friday, February 8, 2019. (AAP Image/Peter Rae) NO ARCHIVING

The Coalition has held its electoral ground but still remains on course for a crushing election defeat, according to Newspoll.

Mystery of Donald Trump’s health

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s personal physician has just handed down a glowing report on the President’s health. But one key question remains.

The great myth about Julie Bishop

Former Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop at a press conference before donating her red high heel shoes to the Australian Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, November 28, 2018. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

As speculation about Julie Bishop’s future becomes increasingly wild, a myth about her defeat in the last leadership contest is growing.

Trump undergoes health check

US President Donald Trump salutes as he arrives back to the White House in Washington, DC, on February 8, 2019, after his annual physical. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)

President Donald Trump had his annual medical exam a year after his doctor advised him to up the exercise and cut the calories.

Trump’s powerful new weapon

Pres. Trump participates in the National Security Presidential Memorandum signing to launch the “Women’s Global Development and Prosperity” initiative

Democrats have unveiled a hugely ambitious plan to tackle climate change and inequality. And Republicans say they’ve played right into the President’s hands.

AOC’s unsubtle Trump attack goes viral

Democratic Lawmakers Call For Cutting Funding For President Trump's Deportation Force

In just five minutes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a devastating illustration of what a “bad guy” can get away with under US law.

‘Face licking’ politician resigns


A politician has resigned over allegations she licked another official “up the side of his neck and face” and then groped his crotch and buttocks.

Biggest threat to Tony Abbott’s seat

Dean Bulldog Ritchie Special

Tony Abbott’s trademark physicality and aggression may have finally met its match in a candidate who does 100km runs for fun.

Abbott finally explains onion moment

Daily Telegraph

It was the moment that had Australia collectively scratching its head, and now Tony Abbott has finally explained why he did it.

Venezuela faces absolute catastrophe

United States Secretary of State tweeted this image of the borad

Venezuela is on the brink with shocking stories of starvation and horrendous hardship. Now the government has done the unthinkable.

‘Red line’: Trump beyond furious

Trump addresses the annual National Prayer Breakfast

Donald Trump once declared he would consider anything this personal as crossing a “red line”. That line has just been crossed.

Trump probes threaten President

Trump addresses the annual National Prayer Breakfast

As the investigations into Donald Trump’s finances, campaign, business and Russia connections pile up, these are all the ways he’s in jeopardy.

Trump rocked by awkward silence

US President Donald Trump delivers the State of the Union address

Donald Trump’s line was meant to draw applause and even included a rhyme. But after a few claps, there was silence and it spoke volumes.

Sleeping Trump boy goes viral

Special guest of the President Grace Eline (C) waves as she is acknowledged by First Lady Melania Trump (C-L) and other special guests during US President Donald Trump's State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on February 5, 2019. - Eline is joined in the booth by fellow guests Ashley Evans (2nd L) and Joshua Trump (C-R). (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

An 11-year-old boy sitting two seats away from Melania Trump emerged from Donald Trump’s State of the Union a hero and viral sensation.

EU: ‘Special place in hell’ for Brexiteers

EU Council President Donald Tusk is seen during a press conference in Helsinki, Finland, on June 16, 2016. Tusk visits Finland ahead of the UK's EU referendum and the June meeting of the European Council. / AFP PHOTO / Lehtikuva / Heikki Saukkomaa / Finland OUT

The head of the European Union has delivered a stinging rebuke to those who pushed for Brexit, saying it was foolish to do so “without a plan”.

Do bank CEOs deserve these huge wages?

NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn interviewed on Sky News in Melbourne

NAB boss Andrew Thorburn made headlines for saying it was “unfair” he couldn’t take two months off. Is his enormous pay packet fair?

‘Nothing to do with the President’

MUST CREDIT AAP WEB RIGHTS ONLY ONE TIME USE - FEE APPLIES This pair of photos shows a view of the crowd on the National Mall at the inaugurations of President Barack Obama, above, on Jan. 20, 2009, and President Donald Trump, below, on Jan. 20, 2017. The photo above and the screengrab from video below were both shot shortly before noon from the top of the Washington Monument. (AP Photo)

An investigation into Donald Trump’s inauguration is demanding a raft of documents as the White House insists the criminal inquiry is in no way linked to him.

‘Hypocrisy’: Host savages Trump

(FILES) In this file photo taken on January 23, 2019 US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable meeting with conservative leaders at the White House to discuss the security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. - President Donald Trump promises a shift to sunny optimism in the State of the Union speech but with his congressional Democratic nemesis seated right behind him, will he be able to resist throwing his usual thunderbolts? The White House is flagging an "optimistic," "unifying," even "visionary" speech to mark this presidency's midway point. In an excerpt released Friday, Trump predicts Republicans and Democrats can "break decades of political stalemate." But the mood in Washington is as hostile as it has been for years following the confrontation between Trump and the Democratic-led House of Representatives over his demand for funding for a US-Mexico border wall. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Donald Trump’s surprise invitation of a young guest to his pivotal State of the Union speech today has sparked a heated clash.

‘Islam is a cult’: Apology for ‘racist’ emails

Joe Ricketts

An influential Trump donor has apologised for emails in which he took part in “racist” comments and conspiracy theories such as “Islam is a cult and not a religion”.

Trump moment that brought house down

US President Donald Trump delivers the State of the Union address

For a President known for his divisive political tactics, there was one comment in his landmark speech that united everyone in the room. Even his rivals were on their feet.

Two words now haunting Morrison

Scott Morrison PM

The PM has been forced to eat his words after fighting to stop the banking royal commission — and he’s not the only one.

This is Trump’s dangerous new rival

FILE - In this Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 file photo, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams speaks to supporters during an election night watch party in Atlanta. On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, The Associated Press has found that stories circulating on the internet that U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams, sister of the gubernatorial hopeful, presided over a complaint related to the too-close-to-call governor’s race, are untrue. (AP Photo/John Amis)

Donald Trump has promised a “very exciting” State of the Union speech, but the woman speaking after him could steal the limelight.

Photo sends US into meltdown

Thumb for news dot com

A policial whirlwind has engulfed the US after a damning university photo resurfaced. The man at its centre is refusing to budge.

‘Lazy’: Trump’s incredible work hours

-- AFP PICTURES OF THE YEAR 2018 -- US President Donald Trump listens during a phone conversation with Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto on trade in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on August 27, 2018. - President Donald Trump said Monday the US had reached a "really good deal" with Mexico and talks with Canada would begin shortly on a new regional free trade pact."It's a big day for trade. It's a really good deal for both countries," Trump said."Canada, we will start negotiations shortly. I'll be calling their prime minister very soon," Trump said.US and Mexican negotiators have been working for weeks to iron out differences in order to revise the nearly 25-year old North American Free Trade Agreement, while Canada was waiting to rejoin the negotiations. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Donald Trump has been savaged for his work hours and spends most of his day in “executive time”, a stunning report suggests.

Trump’s strange plea to arch nemesis

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has just given an unexpected interview with a long-time foe — and he had one very surprising request.

Model ‘gave Trump proof to billionaire’

Anastasia Vashukevich

Belarusian model allegedly gave information tying Russia to Donald Trump’s office win to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska

Trump issues bizarre survey

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has issued a bizarre survey ahead of his annual State of the Union address. His questions are loaded, to say the least.

Trump allies can’t take much more

Donald Trump

He took a chance in shutting down the government for a month and now it looks like support for Donald Trump’s policies is disappearing.

Politician’s excruciating photoshoot

Commissioner Kenneth Hayne QC with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Source: ABC.

They came together to release an important report but the commissioner’s reaction to being asked to shake the Treasurer’s hand is so awkward.

One word at centre of Trump war

Donald Trump, Mike Pence

The war between Donald Trump and the Democrats shows no signs of slowing down. And it all comes down to one four-letter word.

Shorten’s wife explains viral photo

Bill Shorten's burnt kitchen. Picture: Facebook

A burn mark in the Shorten kitchen has been seized on by social media and now the Opposition Leader’s wife reveals what happened.

Bizarre feud tearing the UK apart

Supplied Tension...Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Forget Brexit. There’s another issue that’s deeply dividing Brits — and it all comes down to “rival” Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

World’s richest man accuses Trump

Jeff Bezos Speaks At Economic Club Of Washington With Club President David Rubenstein

Jeff Bezos has reportedly accused Donald Trump of being the mastermind of a salacious hack which ended his marriage.

‘They are wrong’: Trump explodes

US President Donald Trump speaks regarding the shutdown

Donald Trump has unleashed an extraordinary public attack after he was embarrassingly contradicted by his own government’s officials.

America broken by $11b mistake

Border Wall Funding Remains The Debate After Government Shutdown Ends

The shutdown cost the economy, risked lives and left thousands of contractors destitute as workers warn they won’t survive another.

Photo exposes Trump after book scandal

(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 11, 2018 US President Donald Trump speaks prior to signing the Save Our Seas Act, a bill which reauthorizes and amends the Marine Debris Act to promote international action to reduce marine debris, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC. - President Donald Trump is reported to be preparing a reshuffle at the White House -- fueled by fallings out between his wife and senior staff -- after a week of angry brooding over midterm elections that weakened his grip on Congress. The start to the second half of Trump's first term is enveloped in gloom as the president surveys the damage from the midterms, tension with some of America's closest allies, and now turmoil inside the administration. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

Donald Trump lashed out overnight after sensational revelations by a former White House aide. Now a photo has revealed the truth.

Trump says pick a side as nation divided

ha aja aka aka ala al

Superpowers are officially split along worrying lines after Donald Trump asked the world to pick a side in a disturbing catastrophe.

The question the PM couldn’t answer

Leigh Sales interviews Scott Morrison on 7.30. 29 January 2019. Picture: 7:30

Scott Morrison tried to put the past behind him but 7.30 host Leigh Sales wasn’t going to let the Prime Minister off that easily.

Huge problem with this picture

ast year, a report by the UN painted a grim picture of the human rights situation in the UAE, particularly for women [Dubai Media Office] MORE ON MIDDLE EAST Gaza: Hamas says Rafah crossing with Egypt to briefly reopen today In wartime Yemen, children find solace in music today UN envoy urges Yemen's warring sides to withdraw from Hodeidah today Twitter users mock UAE after gender awards won by men today Twitter users have mocked authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after it emerged that winners of an initiative designed to foster gender equality in the workplace were won entirely by men.

The United Arab Emirates has become a global laughing-stock after authorities shared this “tone deaf” photograph on social media.

‘Under attack’: Trump’s biggest threat

Donald Trump

As Donald Trump faces criticism over his shutdown backdown, a new threat to the US President has come on to the scene.

Trump ‘very pissed off’ by new book

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is furious about a new tell-all written by his one of his former aides. Its claims about the President’s actions are explosive.

Trump lashes out at ‘very hostile’ critic

(FILES) In this file photo taken on January 23, 2019 US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable meeting with conservative leaders at the White House to discuss the security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. - Two years into President Donald Trump's administration, a majority of Americans have lost confidence in the brash real estate magnate's performance on everything from the economy to foreign policy, a poll showed on January 28, 2019. The ABC News/Washington Post poll was published after Trump suffered a major setback in his signature push for more wall along the US-Mexican border. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Donald Trump has been the target of stinging attacks from supporters. But now he’s turned his wrath against a former friend.

Australia issues warning to China

Chinese Naval ships docked at Garden Island in Sydney. With the Australian and Chinese flags flying.

Christopher Pyne has urged the US and China to avoid a Cold War, making Australia’s stance on the matter crystal clear.

Woman who brought Trump to his knees

Trump hosts roundtable with Hispanic pastors

Donald Trump has finally backed down over one of the most controversial moves of his presidency. There’s one person you can thank for that.

Leader’s desperate $1.7b gold bid

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he arrives to the Supreme Court for an annual ceremony that marks the start of the judicial year in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019. Venezuelans are heading into uncharted political waters after the young leader of a newly united opposition claimed Wednesday to hold the presidency and Maduro dug in for a fight with the Trump administration. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Venezuela’s embattled leader made a last-ditch attempt to withdraw an enormous sum of money as the country plunges deeper into crisis.

‘End of presidency’: Cruel Trump barbs

US President Donald Trump listens as others make statements for the press after a meeting with Hispanic pastors in the Roosevelt Room of the White House January 25, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP)

Donald Trump was forced into a reversal on the government shutdown. Now the words of his allies have come back to haunt him.

‘He looks pathetic’: Trump’s ‘humiliation’

US President Donald Trump speaks regarding the shutdown

A conservative firebrand has labelled Donald Trump the “biggest wimp ever to serve as president” after a humiliating backdown on the border wall.

Top Trump adviser arrested by FBI

US President Donald Trump speaks on trade tariffs in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, DC on January 24, 2019. - Trump also spoke about the unfair trade practices at play in the world. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

One of Donald Trump’s closest confidants has been arrested by the FBI as part of the Russia probe for allegedly lying about his dealings with WikiLeaks.

Trump to declare national emergency

President Donald Trump speaks on tariffs, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to declare a national emergency along the US-Mexico border

Photos spark insane Meghan theory

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Birkenhead 19119

Strap yourselves in — because this outlandish claim about the Duchess of Sussex might just be the craziest royal conspiracy theory yet.

‘Shut the hell up’: Trump revolt

TOPSHOT - US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable meeting with conservative leaders at the White House on January 23, 2019, to discuss the security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

With a stunning revolt against Donald Trump’s shutdown failing spectacularly, CNN contributor Ana Navarro unleashed a vicious attack.

How Trump’s standoff could backfire

US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion on healthcare cost in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on January 23, 2019. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Donald Trump has done something remarkable in the government shutdown. But it may have had a disastrous unseen effect.

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