Roxy’s plan to make kids work at Macca’s

Myer Runway

广东时时彩11选五 PR queen Roxy Jacenko’s seven-year-old daughter already has her own business but the entrepreneur says her kids won’t get any free rides.

Millionaire 16yo: ‘Uni is a waste of time’

b b b b b b

Sixteen-year-old entrepreneur Jack Bloomfield says our university system is failing our young people — and depriving them of millions.

‘Entitled’ millennials face 90-day test


Millennials are an “entitled, over-informed” generation who struggle to overcome the crucial 90-day hurdle at work.

Want to work at Sydney Zoo?

Sydney Zoo to host inaugural jobs fair.

Sydney Zoo will host its inaugural jobs fair tonight, with more than 150 jobs from zoo keeping to hospitality on offer.

From model to ‘barbecue goddess’

Ruo Yan

Ruo Yan is a model and artist — but she’s also become a social media star thanks to her surprising side gig at a low-key food joint.

Important detail we’re missing today

closeup of a young caucasian woman in the street showing a piece of paper with the text womens day written in it

If we are genuinely serious about empowering more women into the workplace, this is the conversation we should be having.

How many Aussies worked at Macca’s

Melbourne, Australia: April 09, 2018: McDonalds drive through and McCafe in St Kilda. McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

A huge amount of Aussies have worked at Macca’s since it first opened in the 70s, with over a million of them under 25.

$17k cost hitting families of four hard

The annual cost of raising children

Ever wondered why you never have any money? If you’ve got two or more kids, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Public servants on eye-watering salaries

Australian cash in mans jeans pocket

Forget mining and finance because seven-figure salaries are the norm in one surprising, publicly funded line of work, and some want it to stop.

What Muffin Break whingers missed

Australia day ambassador Ricardo Goncalves.

Everyone was kicking off about the Muffin Break boss’s millennial comments, but a TV journalist’s story shows they may have missed a vital point.

School pooper claims his life is ‘ruined’

FILE - In this June 12, 2018 file photo, Thomas Tramaglini, right, the Kenilworth Schools superintendent accused of defecating on the track at Holmdel High School, makes his initial appearance in Holmdel Municipal Court in Holmdel, N.J. Tramaglini has asked New Jersey's attorney general to investigate whether police acted unlawfully when they took his mug shot and released it to the media. In a letter to Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, attorney Matthew Adams said the actions by the Holmdel Police Department were designed to "create a media spectacle" around the charges against Tramaglini. (Thomas P. Costello/The Asbury Park Press via AP, Pool)

Thomas Tramaglini was caught defecating “daily” on a high school’s running track. But now, he claims he is the real victim.

Shocking racial slur hidden in job form

Twitter users spotted these hidden slurs in an IBM job application. Picture: Twitter @RichParkNYC

Richard Park was applying for a role with tech giant IBM when he spotted an “unbelievable” problem buried in the company’s website.

Muffin Break boss apologises after furore

Natalie Brennan

Muffin Break GM Natalie Brennan has apologised for comments about Millennials and unpaid work that went viral over the weekend.

Muffin Break outrage misses the point

Muffin Break general manager Natalie Brennan.

Much of the outrage directed at Muffin Break general manager Natalie Brennan for her comments about unpaid work is misguided.

World reacts to Muffin Break boss

Muffin Break general manager Natalie Brennan.

The world has reacted after claims emerged from the boss of Muffin Break that Gen Y are too obsessed with social media to work for free.

Muffin Break boss: Gen Y ‘too entitled’

Woman eating spanish pinchos at the bar outdoors

Gen Ys have an “inflated” sense of self-importance and are no longer willing to do unpaid work, the boss of Muffin Break says.

‘Pornstar’ CV: Job interview disasters


Naked photos, “porn star” emails and threats of broken legs are just some of the bizarre things Aussie companies have to deal with when trying to hire staff.

Backpacker social media post turns ugly


A young backpacker’s innocent post looking for local farm work in New Zealand has taken a nasty turn.

Japanese villager to 63k Insta star

Kentaro Yoshida

Kentaro Yoshida left Japan at 18 without speaking a word of English. Today he’s a global sensation — all thanks to his love of Aussie surf.

Most ghastly job ad in the world

Sri Lanka is advertising for 'moral' executioners. Picture: Twitter

It looks like an ordinary job listing — but look closer and you’ll find some surprising and grisly details in this viral newspaper ad.

Jobseeker’s shocking sex offer


A Melbourne recruiter has revealed the “shocking” moment a female candidate sent him a text message offering a sexual favour.

How to score a free university degree

Businesswoman solving problems

The Prime Minister has offering a big incentive for people considering studying teaching. Here’s how you could wipe your uni debt.

Never say this in a job interview

Dandan Zhu

A prominent career coach has revealed the five things employers hate hearing in a job interview — and number one might be controversial.

Interview question you should never ask

Group of asian people waiting for job interview. Business Concept

It’s one of the most hated things you can ever be asked by a potential boss. But here’s how to nail it by “turning the tables” on them.

Industry ‘fleecing people out of their cash’

Coed, multiethnic group of college students study on center campus lawn on a beautiful spring day. The three in the foreground writing in their notebooks and reading a textbook. There are other students in the background studying, talking, and walking on the sidewalk. There is a large university building behind them.

Thousands hand over hard-earned cash in the hope of landing a dream job — but there’s no guarantees they’ll ever actually get one.

The job skills that are in demand now

Female Lawyer or notary in her office Smithfield Law_generic pic

Looking for a career change? These are the skills are in demand at the moment, according to a jobs report.

Stat we should all be worried about

A man counting Australian dollar bills. A picture that describes buying, paying, handing out money, or showing money.

Brand new figures have uncovered shock job losses and poor results in one key sector. Think it doesn’t apply to you? Think again.

LinkedIn reveals top 2019 skills

Job in the Employment Section of Newspaper

If you’re searching for a change of pace in your work life, you should invest in learning some of the skills most sought after by companies.

Truth behind ‘worst job ad ever’

Brad Weimert says there is no job on offer Down Under. Picture: LinkedIn

Brad Weimert has gone viral in Australia thanks to an outrageous executive assistant position. But there’s just one problem with the ad.

Don’t make this mistake on your CV

Recruitment recruiting recruit hiring hire - concepts.

Find out what to do and what not to do from an employment expert before the hiring bonanza kicks off at the end of the month.

Mystery deepens over outrageous job ad

The ad on Seek said the part-time position is not for those who want to clock in and clock out.

It’s the ridiculous job ad that had Aussies in disbelief. But now the ad has disappeared from the web as mystery surrounds who was behind it.

Is this the worst job ad ever?

The CEO said the part time position is not open to candidates who want to clock in and clock out, and they shoudl expect calls on the weekend and after hours.

A job advertisement for an executive assistant role to a 28-year-old CEO in Melbourne has left people in disbelief over the ridiculous requirements.

Officer’s vile act caught on film

Deputy Keenan Wallace was filmed shooting a Chihuahua in Arkansas sparking outrage online (Image: Faulkner County Sheriff Office)

When homeowner Doug Canady refused to speak with a policeman, the deputy sheriff did the unthinkable to the man’s beloved pet. WARNING: Graphic.

How to tell if you are in the wrong job

Cropped shot of a man and woman completing paperwork together at a desk

If you are dreading going back to work, these are the questions that could help you get out of a job rut.

Octomum was ‘forced into porn’

FILE - In this May 19, 2010 file photo, "Octomom" Nadya Suleman poses for photos outside her La Habra, Calif. home during an unveiling of a PETA ad campaign. The Springfield Republican reports that Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman on Monday, Aug. 1, 2011 announced that Suleman will be the featured fighter in a Springfield match with oversized gloves. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

Nadya Suleman, known to the world as “Octomum”, says she was forced into doing porn by her manager and has PTSD from her life in the public eye.

The downside to $130,000 job

ONE TIME WEB USE ONLY - FEE APPLIES FOR REUSE - EXCLUSIVE Stopping Traffic - Sydney's female construction workers. Picture: Diimex

Female construction workers can earn up to $130,000 a year, but the job involves long hours and constant abuse from male drivers.

Fake doctor caught treating ‘patients’

Former janitor Kyle Grant Larsen allegedly posed as Dr Kyle Ellis before treating patients and prescribing medicine and injections. Picture:

Former janitor Kyle Grant Larsen allegedly posed as Dr Kyle Ellis before treating patients and prescribing medicine and injections.

Habits that can kill your career

Stressed young businesswoman in the office.

If you’re guilty of these mistakes, you could be sabotaging your own job without realising it. But here’s how you can break the chain.

How your pay compares to other Aussies

Australian One Hundred Dollar Bills

If you have wondered how your pay compares to other Australians, some key figures have been released showing what we all earn.

Get the skills to work, without uni

Construction workers working on construction site

AN alternative option to university is giving jobseekers the qualifications and skills for a white collar career – and they’re being paid to learn on the job.

Aussie dream jobs up for grabs

Teenager girl holding a cute puppy

Love a cheeky beverage, Tim Tams, fashion or cute pups? Your perfect career could be waiting for you — but you’d better get in quick.

Why women managers have the edge

CAREERS: Refresh Dental Spa owner Dr Kristina Cain. Picture: Supplied

Women are increasing their presence in leadership positions in Australian businesses - and management experts say there’s a good reason why.

Mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn

Simferopol, Crimea - May 25, 2014: LinkedIn is a social network for search and establishment of business contacts. It is founded in 2002.

Many of us are making some pretty big blunders on the professional networking site — and it could end up costing us a dream job.

Booming sector to offer 60,000 new jobs

22/5/1999. Generic image of person searching the employment classifieds. Job hunting. Ad. Advertisement. Job seeker.

EXCLUSIVE: A growing Australian industry is set to create an employment boom over the next decade, with close to 60,000 jobs up for grabs.

Awards night smashes apprentice stereotypes

CAREERS: Michael Edwards - Winner of 2018 Australian Apprentice of the Year. Picture: Supplied.

Think of the stereotypical apprentice or trainee. Then throw that image out the window. Last night’s Australian Training Awards showed vocational education students come from all walks of life.

The tradies in demand across Australia

Flipping houses

These tradies are in high demand across Australia. Jobs ads are exploding while employers struggle to find skilled candidates.

Horrific pictures we need to see

US woman Rachael Joseph’s aunt Shelley was slaughtered in a courthouse shooting as she desperately tried to call for help. Picture: Twitter @titusthemutt

These photos would make almost anyone sick to their stomach. But there’s an important reason why they are being shared online. WARNING: Graphic content

Gruesome pictures show US gun horror

US doctors are sharing photos of the realities of gun violence. Picture: Twitter/@

These photos are tough to look at. But there’s a powerful and tragic reason why medics are posting gruesome pictures online.

Why a pay cut was the ‘best decision’

Stephanie Leahy is enjoying a working gap year. Picture: Instagram/@stephsocial

IN THE past nine months, Brisbane woman Stephanie Leahy has travelled to 14 countries — and been paid a wage the whole time.

3000 new jobs up for grabs

A man counting Australian dollar bills. A picture that describes buying, paying, handing out money, or showing money.

YOU can get paid up to $29 an hour working just 15 hours a week. And the best part is you can snag a job with almost no experience.

5yo with a better CV than you

This child's ridiculous CV has gone viral. Picture: Weibo

HE’S only in kindergarten — but apparently, this little boy has “rich and varied experience” and has somehow read “10,000 books”.

Crazy way woman makes $180k a year

Woman makes over $180K selling dirty socks and shoes

ROXY received compliments for her “beautiful” feet. Now, the 33-year-old is earning almost $180,000 by selling her smelly socks to people with foot fetishes.

Worst degrees for making money

Graduating from uni. Picture: iStock

THE unis and degrees to enrol in if you want a job and good money have been revealed — along with the ones to avoid.

Horror over uni student’s sick vow

Emily Dawes. Picture: Facebook

A LEFT-WING student union president has sparked outrage by vowing to deface a mural commemorating the fallen WW1 heroes as they are “white men”.

Poo jogger had ‘runner’s diarrhoea’

Thomas Tramaglini Picture: Holmdel Township Police Department

HE TRIED to blame it on “runners diarrhoea”. But apparently, high school pooer Thomas Tramaglini may have been a repeat offender.

50 applications and still no job

Adam Long went to extreme lengths to get a job. Picture: Supplied

ADAM Long couldn’t get a single interview after applying for scores of roles, until he came up with an “embarrassing” plan.

Billionaire’s life-changing career tip

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 12: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban talks to a referee during a timeout in the game with the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on April 12, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The Mavericks won 120-106. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

FILTHY rich businessman Mark Cuban is at the top of his game — but he has some unexpected advice for the rest of us plebs.

Employment scheme changing Veterans’ lives

Operation Slipper

MORE than 700 ex-Defence Force personnel have found full-time work in the past two years through one training and employment organisation alone.

The Da Vinci code to career success

Supplied Editorial

WANT to become a master of your career? Channel your own inner Leonardo for a life renaissance. Here’s how.

PayPal founder’s ‘curveball’ question

PayPal Inc. Co-Founder Peter Thiel Interview

BILLIONAIRE investor Peter Thiel has revealed the “curveball” job interview question he swears by to find the best talent.

Earn big bucks in these new jobs

Redhair girl lying on grass thought bubble over her head

SIX roles have been revealed as essential to many businesses, and if you fit the bill, you could be lapping up job security and a hefty pay packet.

Where veterans work after service


MILITARY personnel are applying their unique skills in a wide range of sectors, with employers seeing value in both obvious and unexpected roles.

Barnaby saga’s unthinkable twist


BARNABY Joyce’s career could take an unthinkable twist in the wake of his scandalous affair with former staffer Vikki Campion.

Uni students told to get a job

Young woman with shopping bag in clothing store

UNIVERSITY students are being told to focus less on studying and to get a part-time job if they want to stay off the dole at the end of their degree.

Ex-military struggle in job hunt despite skills

Afghan Officers from the Provincial Police Response Company and Australian Special Operations Task Group Soldiers move towards waiting UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters as part of the Shah Wali Kot Offensive. *** Local Caption *** Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) partnered with Australian Special Forces from the Special Operations Task Group conducted a deliberate operation to clear a Taliban insurgent stronghold in the Shah Wali Kot region of northern Kandahar province. The Shah Wali Kot Offensive comprised synchronised and deliberate clearance operations involving Australian Commandos combined with a number of surgical helicopter-born assaults from Special Air Service (SAS) troops on key targets. Removing Taliban insurgents from Afghan communities allows the Government of Afghanistan to establish a presence and gain the trust of the community to provide them with necessary infrastructure and security that was not provided by the insurgents. The Shah Wali Kot Offensive was part of Australia’s contribution to Operation Hamkari, the Coalition operation to extend the Government of Afghanistan’s influence into Kandahar City.

THEY usually have unrivalled experiences and skills, but many ex-military personnel can struggle in the job market - but there are organisations and people helping them adapt to the 9-to-5.

Outrage over ‘naked’ Melania tweets

Melania Trump en Egypte: musée et pyramides au programme

A POPULAR actor’s attempt to mock the US First Lady by sharing her racy modelling photos has spectacularly backfired.

Aussie star judge’s stalking hell

Dancing with the Stars Final. Amanda Keller and Mark Wilson

FOR years he was a staple on our TV screens. But behind the scenes, Mark Wilson was facing a series of “soul-destroying” attacks.

Reality star’s racy former job revealed

A UK Apprentice contestant has revealed he used to be a sex toy tester for adult online shopping site Ann Summers. Picture:

HE SEEMS like a straight-laced businessman today. But it turns out this Apprentice star was once in a seriously X-rated line of work.

Call that ‘broke’ Aussie ambo

Sydney paramedic Sandy Macken has revealed the most traumatic moments from her 20-year career. Picture: Supplied

PARAMEDIC Sandy Macken is surrounded by death every day. But one phone call left her “vomiting grief”. WARNING: GRAPHIC

‘Sex toy and porn’ in job interview

University of Sydney law student Sarah Knight.

LAW student Sarah Knight went for a job interview with a prominent barrister — but “soon realised” she was “there for his entertainment”.

Word that will help women beat men

Shot of an attractive businesswoman sitting at her desk in an office. Picture: iStock

LEADING women have shared their best advice for competing against men. And it comes down to saying one word more often.

‘Awful’ new kind of job interview

Successful job interview

THIS trendy new kind of interview is increasingly popular among employers and universities — but in some cases it’s worse than useless.

How to achieve financial freedom

Jumping on the beach

SICK of fighting a losing battle, Amy took stock and changed everything. Here’s how you can create your perfect life, too.

Female marine’s revealing career

The world's sexiest marine turned lads mag cover girl strips off for sexy new calendar featuring military glamour girls with massive machine guns.

SHE was dubbed the “world’s sexiest marine” — but these days, Shannon Ihrke has turned down a very different work path.

Uni professor plays porn to class

University of Toronto

A UNI professor was left red-faced after accidentally beaming porn through a lecture room projector for all his students to see.

Doctor’s excuse after baby decapitation

Laura Gillazzo mother of decapitated baby

A GRIEVING mum whose baby was decapitated during a botched birth has revealed the words the doctor told her. WARNING: Graphic

Crazy $171k job’s 14-month catch

MEPPEN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 2015: Fruits and vegetables on the fresh department of a Kaufland hypermarket.

THIS supermarket job listing comes with a massive $171,000 salary and a BMW — there’s just one catch.

Face tat man’s Devast8-ing news

Mark Cropp

THE man who made headlines about his struggle to get a job due to his “Devast8” face tattoo is back before the courts.

Uni’s sick message to teens


A UNIVERSITY has apologised after students were handed welcome packs with cards asking whether they “spit or swallow”.

Second language can give you the job edge

Pretty schoolgirl learns foreign language

IF you speak a second language or come from a unique cultural background, listing it on your resume can pay off, big time.

The toughest job in the Outback

Chris Harvey of Broken Hill who performs as Christina Knees-Up

MINERS and farmers have stressful jobs in the bush but for Chris Harvey, his occupation can involve sledges and even being groped.

Aldi’s crazy $155K job opening

ALDI’s Victorian Store Operations Director Hariet Honore. Picture: Supplied/ALDI

HOW would you like to make up to $155,000 a year? Aldi has kicked off a hiring spree for a role with some serious perks.

$40k-a-month porn star finds God

2006 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

JENNA Presley was one of the world’s most successful porn stars, earning nearly $500,000 a year. But her new job couldn’t be more different.

Star’s incredible offer to rejected teen

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 14: Gordon Ramsay attends the 2018 Fox Network Upfront at Wollman Rink, Central Park on May 14, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

LOUIS Makepeace was barred from studying at college just because of his size. Now, Gordon Ramsay has weighed in.

High school quiz outrages parents


A HIGH school has apologised after students were given a “diversity” exercise asking them to list four people who should be left to die.

Four mistakes holding you back

A female entrepreneur and businesswoman is working on her start up company in her office. She has fallen asleep at the office with her head on her desk. Empty coffee cups are on the table.

THEY’RE so common we don’t even know we’re doing them. But these bad habits could be hurting your career, health and love life.

Crap job comes with $255,000 salary

Poop patrol

THIS city’s sickening human faeces problem had become so bad, it has been forced to launch a new crack squad to clean up the nauseating mess.

Desert island offering ‘dream job’

Soneva Aqua luxury yacht owned by Soneva Fushi Resort, Maldives Image supplied by Soneva

WOULD you take a job in paradise if it paid a pittance? This luxury resort is looking for a “desert island bookseller”.

Is it time for universities to ‘die’?

Lindsay Shepherd

GRADUATE student Lindsay Shepherd’s “inquisition” by staff shows why it may be too late to salvage our universities.

$6000 for refusing interview handshake

Farah Alhajeh

A MUSLIM woman has been awarded $6000 in compensation after she was denied a job for refusing to shake hands.

Sign you’re not being paid enough

High res Sue Clarke from Survivor.

SURVIVOR contestant Sue Clarke went on TV after she’d chucked in her job. She was absolutely sick of being paid less than she was worth.

‘We don’t want your ghetto name’

Ghetto name was blamed for not getting a job

A JOBSEEKER got a rejection letter claiming she wouldn’t be considered for a role because of her “ghetto name”.

Lisa Wilkinson exposes the last great taboo

Lisa Wilkinson makes first TV appearance on The Project after departing Channel 9.

TWENTY years ago, we talked about sex in whispers. Now there is a new taboo. And we need people like Lisa to spill all.

Job earning more than doctors

Tradies who earn more than doctors

THEY might not be wearing flash clothes, but some Aussies are earning huge dollars - and you don’t have to go to uni for years.

$560 a week for ‘kids’ personal trainer’

Child's foot is standing on modern floor scale measuring her weight.

CONCERNED parents are forking out a small fortune for personal trainers to help their overweight children slim down.

Boss slams ‘waste of time’ jobseekers

Paul Bowen, 29, runs father-and-son company Bowen Pies with his dad Vince, 58

PAUL Bowen cleared his entire work schedule for the day to interview seven job candidates. Only three bothered to show up.

Nutella is hiring 60 taste testers

This photo taken on January 30, 2018 in Saint-Gregoire, near Rennes, northwest France, shows containers of Nutella. An independant organisation of the French economic ministry will launch an investigation on the recent 70%-off promotion of the Nutella spread, which sparked melees and brawls in several French supermarkets, learned on January 30. / AFP PHOTO / DAMIEN MEYER

ITALIAN chocolate maker Ferrero is looking for 60 “sensory judges” to taste test its products two days per week.

How to ensure you’ll always have a job

Cropped shot of a group of unidentifiable businesspeople standing in line while waiting to be interviewed

IT’S no longer good enough to be at the top of the class. If employees want to survive the digital decimation of jobs, they will need to possess the “four Cs”.

Incredible job hunting tactic puts resume to shame

John Jaxheimer, 42. Picture: Supplied

JOHN Jaxheimer spent hundreds of dollars and a jaw-dropping amount of time developing a glitzy personal campaign to land his dream job. And he still hasn’t got it. But his extreme strategy might make resume-wielding job hunters nervous.

Top five tech skills in demand

Group of business people and software developers working as a team in office

AUSSIES in traditional employment sectors can tweak their skills slightly and find themselves in high demand in the tech sector.

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