:Jett Kenny left naked on stage in front of thousands after technical glitch

LISA Curry’s son agreed to strip for charity but was told his private parts would be hidden from the crowd. That’s not what happened.

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The Real Full monty - Channel 70:40

The Real Full monty - Channel 7

Jett Kenny with his mum, Lisa Curry.Source:Instagram

JETT Kenny has opened up about a technical glitch that left him completely naked in front of thousands of people.

The 23-year-old son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny was one of the eight male celebrities who agreed to take part in Channel 7’s one-off TV special, The Real Full Monty.

Filmed at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in April, the special is set to air on Sunday, July 29, with the aim of raising awareness of men’s health issues.

Kenny, who is an Ironman and model, stripped on stage alongside AFL star Campbell Brown, NRL great Matt Cooper, actor Shane Jacobson, radio personality Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, Sunrise’s Sam Mac, model Kris Smith and AFL commentator Brian ‘BT’ Taylor.

The aim of the show is to encourage Aussie men to get themselves checked for prostate and testicular cancer. Picture: Seven Network

The aim of the show is to encourage Aussie men to get themselves checked for prostate and testicular cancer. Picture: Seven NetworkSource:Channel 7

The famous fellas took ALL their clothes off in front of the Enmore audience but clever lighting and a series of well-timed onstage pyrotechnics were meant to hide their old fellas from the audiences’ eyes.

As Kenny revealed during an interview with www.yya1n.com.cn, that didn’t exactly go to plan.

How did you react when you were asked to take part?

I was a bit shocked that I got asked. It’s something I’ve never done before and something I’ve never contemplated doing before. I went into it with an open mind and was just willing to learn.

Were you at all apprehensive?

I was more nervous about having to learn how to dance because I can’t dance to save myself. Thankfully it wasn’t the most complex of routines. The nerves didn’t kick in about the stripping itself until the night, right before we went on stage. But it was all for a good cause and having all the other guys there made it a bit easier.

Jett Kenny is in pretty good shape.

Jett Kenny is in pretty good shape.Source:Mega

Who was the most nervous on the night?

Maybe BT [Brian Taylor] or Shane [Jacobson]. They were a bit more body conscious. And Jonesy was very nervous. We were all nervous in our own way but we helped each other through it.

Was there a lot of manscaping going on before the performance?

We definitely spoke about it. There were fake tans involved but in regards to manscaping, I personally didn’t do any. I mean, I tried to keep everything tidy. But I think everyone did what they could to make themselves look a little bigger, maybe.

How did you feel walking out on stage?

Everyone was pretty nervous. Personally I was actually quite shaky. There was one point during the routine where we had to hold a move for a few seconds and I remember looking at my arm and seeing it shaking. I was like, ‘Come on mate, pull yourself together, you’ll be fine.’

Your mum, Lisa Curry, and your sister, Jaimi Lee, were seated in the front row. Did you know they were going to be there?

I did, unfortunately. I saw their names on reserved signs on the seats when we were rehearsing and I was like, ‘Why are they front and centre?’ Better them than a couple of randoms, I guess. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before from when I was a child — but it’s been a few years in between.

Lisa Curry and Jett’s sister saw it all from the front row.

Lisa Curry and Jett’s sister saw it all from the front row.Source:Channel 7

Do you remember much from the actual performance?

To be honest it’s a bit of a blur. It just seemed to be over in an instant.

Did you hear what your sister said to the MC after the performance?

No I didn’t.

She was asked what it was like to see her brother strip down to nothing and said something along the lines of, “It was more impressive than I thought.”

Oh Jesus! Thanks Jaimi. There were plenty of other people to look at and she decided to look at me for some reason. I’m sure everyone saw everything because unfortunately my firework didn’t go off when it was meant to and I was left unprotected for a couple of seconds before it actually went off.

There was a technical error?

Everyone had a firework in front of them and mine unfortunately didn’t go off so I was left vulnerable. Apparently the blinding lights weren’t that blinding either. I might have to talk to the lighting guys next time, if there is a next time, to help cover everything up.

You’ve done The Real Full Monty and were recently on Australian Ninja Warrior. Do you have any plans for more TV appearances?

None that I’m aware of. I did get asked to go on Love Island but it would be pretty hard to find me on a dating show, it’s not really my thing. And TV stuff doesn’t really seem like my thing. Whether or not that will change in the future, I’m not sure.

Jett Kenny takes it all off in Channel 7’s new TV special.

Jett Kenny takes it all off in Channel 7’s new TV special.Source:Channel 7

The Real Full Monty will air on Channel 7 on Sunday, July 29.

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